Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday Night MTT's

I guess I better stop playing such low buyin MTT's. I mean, really. So much time to get to the final 3 tables and so little playout. 24 out of 619 is good, but of course the real money is in the final table. At least I did make my buy in back with all my KO's. The payout was pure profit....

Congratulations to my buddy Scott (Bowie300) for hitting 4th of 289. Another micro MTT but a real nice return on his buyin ($56 prize for 4th

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Night A What Oh

Somewhere around 4 posts ago, I hit 200 posts. I don't know if that is an accomplishment or a testament to how much time I am wasting on this blog....

Last night I played the Mookie, the $26 token Frenzy, and a $3 90 player KO. As well as things went the night before (see "Oh What A Night"), they went exactly opposite last night. I didn't cash in a single one of them.

In the Mookie, only a couple of hands in, I made a loose call in position with 9s7s to change100's 3x BB raise. The flop comes 9h2c3c. I don't remember the betting exactly, but the turn brought a 6d and I end up calling change100's all in. I thought about it real hard and finally decided she must be on AcKc or similar flush draw and I am surely ahead here and can win a flip. She flips over pocket Queens. Oooops. I'm getting ready to close my laptop and I see all the chips coming to me. WTF???? The river brought a 7 to give me two pair.

I hit a few draws and managed to stick around for the first break and then some. We were down to 25% of the field left and I was below average in chips, when I was in the BB and someone raised 3x BB for the millionth time. I figured it for a steal and re-raised all in with my mighty AJ. Oooops. AA calls my all in and I am done. I don't like putting my tournament on the line with Acecrap hand, but I figured 75% of the time that is purely a steal and my resteal takes the pot. Am I wrong about that? Were there too many hands that had me beat that I should have just folded there? 4 BBT3 tournaments and only 1 cash. But I have hit the points 3 of 4 times. Gotta get those points, just ask this Points Junkie.

Token frenzy was a joke, as usual. You either win with your made hands, or someone sucks out on you. I mean it's rare you make a bad move in those. They are just too easy to wait for good hands and maximize your pots.

In the $3 KO, I was running over the field. With 50 left I was the chip leader for a long time. I was getting cards and people were calling my all-in's assuming I was trying to bully. Overbets were working great. Then I ran into this hand.

14 players left, the money is at 9. I am in 3rd place in chips but very close to 1st. The chip leader is at my table. I'm in the BB and I get AA. The CL raises 3x BB from the cutoff and I re-raise to 3x his bet. He insta-shoves. I think for just a second as I know I will be out of the tournament if I lose this hand. This is a $3 tournament, so of course I call and he flips over 99. A 9 on the turn sends me home in 14th place.

But lets assume that this was a $3000 buy in tournament. Do you fold AA that close to the money? Preflop, do you fold AA ever? It just made me sick to go from chip leader to out in a matter of minutes.

Oh well. For some great tips on Micro level KO play check out this site. And if your lucky you may even be able to get an autograph from him.

Stay patient....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh what a night

I ran goot tonight. Some nights are like that. Some are the opposite.

I played in the MATH and finished 8th of 75, which was just into the money. 26$ buy in and $63 payout. Not great, but a cash is a cash. Congratulations to corron10 on getting a seat to the TOC!

I also finished first in the 9:45pm Token Frenzy on FTP so I have my buy in for next Monday's MATH already set.

Then while railing Alan at the final table, I played a $5 6player SNG and took 1st place.

I was in the zone with all 3 playing very well when I needed to.

Bloggers had a great weekend cashing in big tourneys. Check out Bayne and QOD about big cashes this weekend.

See you Wednesday in the MOOKIE.

Stay patient......

Monday, March 24, 2008

Results from my weekend play

I played live for charity on Saturday night. There were only 40 players with the top 8 getting some type of prize. The guy running the tournament was definitely a bit odd. He read all of his rules line by line and then some. He talked about all the tournaments he has played in and run, to make sure everyone was comfortable with him running it, but it came across as bragging. Quite frankly, there were no major arguments, but he could have done so much better.

First of all, the blinds were insane. We started with 2000 in chips and the first 3 blinds were 25/50, 50/100 then 75/150 at 20 minutes each. I started as the big blind and was the first big blind at the 2nd level. 20 minutes to get around the table once.

There was also no consideration for position when moving or after someone was knocked out. No ghost blinds, skipped Small blinds or anything. Sometimes people would be set to be BB and then do just SB because someone went out. We argued our point to the TD but his response was "I know what you are saying, but we are not doing that here. " If he has soooooooo much experience, I would think he would know how unfair it is to move someone from one table in the BB and be the BB again right away. It's not that hard to ask people to scoot around.

OK, so enough bitching from me, let's get to some hands. We are seated 8 to a table and pick our own seats. I don't know that this was an advantage at all, since I really didn't know the other players. I quickly learned that I picked poorly. To my immediate left was "Maniac" old guy. After him was the only other good player at our table (Steve).

The very first hand, I am in the BB with 33. Maniac UTG raises 2x BB. One player calls and I call to see a flop. 2 clubs come on the flop with 9 high. I c-bet 1/2 the pot. Maniac calls. MP folds. Turn is a blank and we go check-check. River brings the 3rd club, still all little cards on the board. I look at the maniac and he is reaching for his chips. Twice he starts to grab his chips, then stops. I figure he is itching to get his money in so I check. He bets 1/4 pot and I fold.

So my ability to steal blinds was severely crippled when the maniac would call with anything and the good player would read my steals as what they were and pick his spots to fire back at me. The rest of the table was pure calling stations. Any Ace was playing. Any two paints was playing. The maniac at my table took down a few pots with 3rd or 4th pair.

At 50/100 I get AdKd from the CO and raise 4x BB after 2 limped in. 1 limper calls (UTG) and we are heads up. Flop comes 9c8h6h, UTG checks and I insta-shove. My thinking here is that he played his "any Ace". I have 1050 behind and he has 350, so I know this is not putting my tournament on the line. I put the pressure on him to decide and since he checked, he surely missed the flop. He tanks and asks if I hit the straight. Then he says, you probably played pocket sixes, but I'll call. He flips over Ad9h and I don't improve. With 700 left and 75/150 blinds coming, I am feeling pressure to make a move.

I am completely card dead. I lose a few blinds as I can't call raises with junk. Finally I get a hand where everyone folds around to my SB of 75. I have Q7 off and 375 left in front of me. The chip leader at our table is the maniac, so I just smooth call my monster hand. He checks behind me and we see a flop of 986 rainbow. I go all in for another 300 and he calls with K5off. Queen on the river doubles me up. Suckout is nice.

A few hands later I get AdJd in the BB. 4 limpers to me and I go all in for 900. Maniac UTG calls (everyone else folds) and he shows 7c8c. Ace on the turn seals it and the maniac has doubled me up again!

I have a little breathing room now. The Maniac is still chip leader having hit a couple of 4 card flushes and bullying everyone he can.

The very next orbit I get Ac9c in the BB. Maniac UTG calls and everyone else folds to me. I think seriously about raising him, but I know he will call and if I hit, I know I'll easily be able to trap him. I check and flop comes 3 clubs giving me the nut flush. My trap is perfect, check-calling to the river where I check re-raise all in and he calls. Maniac tables 22. Pair of 2's. Deuces. Ducks. Da-looosers. Doh! He is crippled but not out. A few hands later he is gone.

Down to two tables. Blinds are 1k/2k. I have 7k and I sit in the Button seat. First hand I have A2sooooooted and attempt a steal all in. SB calls with K10 and hits a K on the flop. Ace on the river and I get suckout #2. Double up.

Then A7 off from the BB and have 2 limpers ahead of me. I shove (again on a steal attempt) and get called by one player. He tables 22 -Da-looosers no good again and I double up when an Ace hits. I am now the chip leader at the table.

People are dropping fast with the blinds so high, so we only play a few hands at 2 tables then go to final 8. I am probably right in the middle of the pack. A steal attempt now costs 6k to win 3k. I steal one from the CO with KQspades but don't see much other action.

Player to my immediate right has 2k left so is all-in when the BB comes to her. I minraise from UTG with J9sooooted to try to isolate just the two of us. Everyone folds. She flips over Q8off. Jack on the flop, 9 on the turn........... and she completes her straight on the river. (She would have been out 7th but comes back to take 2nd place- very nice run of cards).

I go card dead again and am getting KILLED by the blinds. Of course, so are other players and the field is dropping players fast. I am sitting 4th out of 4 with around 7k in front of me when I get 910off in the BB. UTG is our chip leader and he calls the 4k BB. Everyone else folds and I check. Flop comes 910J rainbow. I shove my remaining 3k into the 10K pot. UTG thinks about it and finally says "I gotta call". He Flips over AQ and a King on the turn sends me home in 4th place.

I missed the cash prizes by one spot. I won a couple rounds of golf and some golf balls. I also won the raffle for Cardinals Opening Day tickets. I am so lucky! I won another set of Cardinals tickets and sold them and donated the money back to the charity. The other good player there, Steve, finished 5th. It was really a push fest and somehow I got lucky. Congratulations to my buddy GOFF for taking down 1st. You can find him on FTP under FFOG.

There are pictures here if you are interested.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


This was fun! At one point, I was down to 500 in chips. I was also in first with 3 people left and had a 3-1 chip lead on each of the players. I was really disappointed not to take 1st, since I consider my final table play to be one of my strengths ("so why do you suck at SNG's?" you say????). I sucked out a few times and won the majority of my races. That's what it takes to go deep.

Thanks to everyone for your critique of my cash hand. It's weird that I wouldn't play that hand in that position in a tournament, and it sounds like I shouldn't in cash play either.

I'm playing in another live tournament tonight for charity. I'll try to remember to stay patient.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Need help with this hand please

Here's the situation. I'm playing at this cash table ($25maxNLHE 6max) for a little while now and I have watched daytimerobbery reload twice already. He's playing extremely loose and reloads for $10 each time on a $25 max table. He's trying to hit a nuts hand and stack someone and he's playing a lot of pots. I don't have pokertracker or anything else running, so I don't know his VP$P or any other stats but I have a feeling for what he is doing.

In the following hand (scroll down for cards), I raise UTG with suited 1 gappers in hopes of grabbing the blinds or hitting a nice draw on the flop. daytimerobbery reraises me and everyone else folds. Now this is an odd raise amount to me. And I'm only calling .60 into a 2.65 pot. Question 1: Do you throw this away now with two low cards knowing he is probably on two overcards? My thought was that if I can connect in any way to the flop, I will stack him, and I'm getting 4-1 to call here.

The flop comes two cards to my flush and 1 pair. I immediately decide to check raise (I probably should have raised more), and he insta-shoves for 4.55 more. I'm only getting 2-1 to call here, but my read is that he is on AK or AQ with one club. Question 2: After the check raise, do you throw away the hand on his all in? I figure he calls my check raise if he has the hit the set. The reraise seems like an attempt to buy. I figure if he has AK and 1 club, I am an 80% favorite.

I call and find out I am actually only a 51% favorite. I dodge the 13 outs he has and win the pot, but it felt really ugly. Question 3: How bad was this play? I played a hand out of position, very loose, but made a read after the flop. I appreciate your honest critique.

Overvaluing AK

I should have reraised all in from the initial raiser. I learned nothing about his hand with a call. After the flop, I doubt I get away from this hand, but either way, I overvalue AK all the time. I am working on it...

Overbet for Value, Ooops, Nice suckout

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I recently came across this website for recreating hand histories through blogio and it is, quite frankly, the best one I have found yet. I usually prefer HH's in text so I can comment along the way, but this animation is so smooth it is hard not to recreate your hands this way. Here is their official explanation of the website:

"Poker Hand Replays lets you recreate, view, and comment on replays of poker hands you’ve played online or offline. You can use our simple wizard for recreating hands, or copy/pasting your hand histories from your favorite poker sites. Hands are then recreated in an animated flash video that can be easily embedded anywhere online (on your blog, forums, etc.)."

See for yourself how smooth it is:

Try it for yourself:
I recently read a great writeup from Willing2Die about his cash in the 2006WSOP. You should read it too:

Don't forget about the Mookie tonight. 9pm CST on FTP. password: vegas1

Stay patient...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's the same 'ol story, same 'ol song and dance, my friend

Played in the MATH last night. This was my first blogger tournament since 2007. Wow! 2 1/2 months I took off. I take that back. I think I did play in one bodonkament of Smokkee's.

Anyway. I played very well, I thought. I did suck out at least once and I won my coin flips -which is critical to going deep in any of these blogger tournaments. I was reading when the table was tight and when it was loose and playing back at it accordingly. I even laid down AQ with a Q high flop that turned a J to a big raise from GCOX. Maybe I gave him too much credit, but he said he had trip Jacks (as I assumed he did). Some well timed aggression along with some luck and I managed to grab the chip lead with around 24 players left (of the original 70something). I had been playing aggressive and won a couple of coin flips when the next hand came and kicked the wind out of me.

Tripjax was sitting to my immediate right and had come to my table the chip leader. I don't remember exactly how, but he had lost about 3/4 of his stack (a good chunk to me). I was sitting around 20K in chips and he was around 12K. I had just won a coin flip and had been buying blinds aggressively. He raised my blind and I came over the top of him with QQ. Now, I didn't shove but I bet enough to make him uncomfortable to call with a bluff. Conversely, I bet little enough to look like I just might be on a re-steal. I wanted his call. He came over me all in.

Now I'm thinking for a second here. Did I just walk into AA or KK? I don't think so. Trip is the kind of player that does not like to be pushed around. Especially by someone trying to bully the table and someone who stung him for a nice sized pot earlier. I put him on A10, AJ, maybe even KQ. And I know if I call him here, it is another coin flip as surely he has an overcard to my Queens. I feel he is making a stand and I must push him down. And if I do, I take a very nice chip lead in the tournament.

I call his all in and he tables A8. Nice. Pretty much what I thought. Except he doesn't have the straight draws I thought might have been there. "Dodge an Ace. Dodge an Ace." And the flop comes: Axx. Sprinkle an 8 and another Ace on the river just for good measure and my Queens are rolled over and spanked by the full house. That was the turning point for me as I couldn't quite gain ground afterwards.

Here's where the same 'ol story comes in. I am sitting around 8th with 14 left and an M of about 13. So I am not super short stacked but starting to feel pressure. We are 4 from the bubble, again, the hardest part of my game to play in. An aggressive player raises my BB and I attempt a resteal semi bluff with Ace high. Busted! He calls and I go home 14th. My point here is that the 2 cards I had were irrelevant, the position I was in was. Getting close to the bubble, I tried to steal assuming everyone was going to be super tight.

I just said yesterday that I need to slow down near the bubble and get to the money. My aggressive style will take me to the top 20% of the field, but it is so hard to slow down when I get near the bubble. Of course, if I win that flip against Trip, it would be hard for me to imagine I don't final table this tournament.

Oh well. It was fun getting back into the blogger games. I plan to start playing Mondays and Wednesdays for the remainder of the BBT3. Hope to see you there.

Stay patient (especially near the bubble)...

Monday, March 17, 2008

I played the Jen Harman charity tournament on FTP tonight. 3000+ players and I finished 160somethingish. Maybe even 157 or 8. It paid the top 153. You have two choices at the bubble with a short stack (as I was). You can shove from the button on an unopened pot or you can fold to the money.

I decided to shove from the button with A4off with 11,000 in chips and around a 5 or 6M and the SB and BB had me covered by 2x or more. I could have waited, but I wanted to get a few more chips (1/3 of my stack from just buying the blinds). What would you do? I spent $10 and the initial money spot was $18+. But with an Ace I thought I could buy the blinds, especially since we were so close to the money.

I managed to fold KK to an A88 flop. I folded AJ to a raise and reraise (and would have lost). I also missed a few hands I could have won with A8, 73, or other junk hands. I feel like I played really well, except for the last hand shoving with A4. I wouldn't shove with that other than we were on the bubble and I expected tight play behind me. And I was right, except the SB woke up with AQ and twice the amount of chips I had. I really need to sit on my hands when we get close to the bubble -I mean literally: put my butt on my hands so I can't shove with ATC expecting tight play near the bubble.

Thanks to everyone who was railing me: Riggs, PE, Zooks, Closer, and more. Sorry if I missed you. I am on Hawkette's laptop tonight so I don't have screenshots or HH and I don't have links. I'll try to get them up tomorrow.

Looks like I will finally get into the BBT3 this week. I have my token for the MATH and I will play in the MOOK.

Do you watch Big Brother? Holy Cow what a crazy trip this year has been. Natalie half naked trying to bone Matty, James and Chelsia, and Sheila the cry baby still in it. Fun Fun. Chelsia has been talking aout needing an 8ball and Nataie talking about smoking pot... And all the worry about the siren going off again to save another person voted off... This might have been the best BB ever, even though DR WILL isn't on it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

This was too funny not to share

Reporter Owned By Sled - Watch more free videos

More self evaluation

I really need to keep self evaluating. I've been trying to play more by position than by the cards. I'm also learning to throw away more hands. For example, I'm holding JJ on the button and EP player raises, MP re-raises all in, I fold. EP shows AJ and MP shows A9 and the AJhigh wins it. But I don't mind. A few hands later I'm in the cutoff with JJ and get two limpers ahead of me, I shove and get one caller with AQ. I believe this is what they call fold equity? I'm not really sure as I haven't studied that yet. My Jacks held up. But more importantly, I'm learning to play less hands out of position.

I've folded a lot of AQ and even some AK's lately. It's helped as I have come off the big slide I had (look at the graph below), but I still have a lot of work to do to get back to the positive. I've cashed in 4 of the last 8 tournaments played in, and that is definitely good.

I don't want to say that I've tightened up completely, but I have when in early and middle positions. That has definitely helped keep me out of hands where TPWK gets killed.

Anyway, here are my stats from Sharkscope:

There was a huge slide down from around +150$ to -200$ that was mostly due to me trying to get cute and play $20 and $30 buyins. And don't get me wrong, I was playing horrible poker too at all the levels.
I think I can get back to positive by staying with my "Position-Playing" and by staying with the $5 and under limits. Once I can get back into the positive, I will start moving up levels. Although I feel like I can crack the $10 KO tourneys, but haven't succeeded in that yet...
Oh, and don't forget about the BBT3. I should be settled in my house enough to get into it starting next week. You gotta be playing in these events, if you are not yet...
And if you are an animal lover or you just want to play poker with a bunch of the Full Tilt Pros, go to Riggstad's blog and check out how to play in Jen Harmon's Private tournament on Sunday night.
I hope you are doing well at the tables.
Stay patient...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keep movin', movin', movin', though they're disapprovin', keep them doggies movin'

I moved this past weekend. I traded up/down. What is that you say? I moved from a 40 year old home that needed lots and lots of work into a house I had built with 600 more square feet and brand new everything (trading up). I also moved from a more expensive home into a cheaper one and dropped my mortgage payments by 34% (trading down).

Makes sense, right? No? Actually, the big difference was that I moved from lakefront property to suburbia. That's right! I was paying a 34% premium to live on the water. Actually more than that, when you consider the house I just bought is so much nicer. When I bought my lakefront property 3 years ago, I had my 4th son on the way. Over the last three years I have had to make sure all the doors are locked up tight so he doesn't run down and jump in the lake.

Don't get me wrong, he knows how to swim. But not well enough that I could comfortably leave him more than 20 feet away from me at any time in our back yard. And now that he has a 1 1/2 year old sister, it is just too hard to keep them both under my watch around the water.

Yes, I did put a life jacket on them and Yes, we did take our boat out on occasion and the kids swam and loved it. But not often enough to justify the 34%+ premium we were paying to be there. In the new house we can throw up a fence and sit in the back yard with our kids while comfortably watching them run and play (and of course playing with them from time to time -if I am not on my laptop playing poker).

What does all this have to do with the price of poker in China??? Nothing, really. Just that I am swamped right now putting in a mailbox, new blinds for the house, screen doors, mounting TV's, etc..... I miss playing poker, and I'm sure all the sharks miss this donkey playing too...

I plan to get into BBT3 by next week. Congrats to Mookie for #6 and surpassing me in the lowly 5 hole. I am afraid you will carry the #6 torch alone. I AM DONE! And late congrats to Emptyman for taking down a Mookie title. Thanks for the props in your profile, Empty. Hopefully I can get back to some form of poker content soon. I have live tournaments coming up March 22nd and April 12th.

Hope everyone is KILLIN' IT at the tables.
Stay patient...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting One Buy-IN to the MATH

This was good. The next one was bad...

I'm playing well. Tight when I should but loose when I could. I get to the final 2 tables in a $10 90 player KO. . . Oh yeah, by the way, I reloaded so now I am going to get back to playing in a little deeper tourney's.

Anyway, I'm on the button with J4sooooooooooted and the blinds are 600/1200. I have about 4000 in chips. The SB has 38,000 and the BB has about 4900. I'm in 11th of 11 players and the BB is in 10th. I figure I can buy his BB with an all in. I have been playing fairly tight, so I hope my image is an Ace at least if I am going all in. I shove from the button, but the SB wakes up with a hand. I'm out... Disappointing playing that long and finishing on the bubble (or one away). But I did collect 4 bounty's. That's an $11 buy in with an $8 return after not finishing in the money. Not too shabby...

Just when I was wondering how to play AK... figures!

Stay patient...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

How to fold AK?

I am really struggling right now with overplaying AK. I know it is a premium hand but how you play it postflop to a miss is getting me.

For example: I'm holding AK in my last home game and raise 4xBB. The button calls me and then smooth calls my continuation bet after I completely miss the flop. Now here is where I am stuck on what to do. The turn misses me again. Do I fire a second bullet with air? Do I try to check it down? Do I shove and hope to get a muck from my opponent?

I am much more comfortable playing AK from position but still have similar issues after missing a flop completely. Do I play it aggressively by c-betting and firing more bullets regardless of turn and river? Or do I check it down to the river?

Both of the above situations are assuming no Ace, no King, the board is not paired, no flush or strong straight draws, etc... Just plain 'ol junk on the board.

Last night I played AK UTG with pot bet preflop ($5 9 player SNG on stars). Flop comes 10 high no straight or flush draws. I am first to act of 3 and fire a c-bet of 3/4 pot. 1st opponent calls, 2nd opponent folds. Turn is a Queen putting a heart flush draw on the board. I check, opponent checks. River is 4h completing the flush draw. I push all in and get called. I show AK and he shows pocket 8's and wins. There are 2 overcards and a possible flush and he calls with pocket 8's.

I know that is an opponent I want to play against as often as possible. But my question is this: Should I have gotten away from the hand sooner? Should I have tried to check it down.
Thanks for your opinion.

Stay patient...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?

I played in my monthly home game last Saturday night. I invited WillWonka and he was able to make it. It was really nice meeting a fellow blogger. We talked about how great a group all of the bloggers are. Here's a bunch of people you have never met, yet you know pretty well. Some of them you know about their families, some hobbies, some work, and some only poker, but everyone is very helpful and supportive of each other. It is an honor that any one person would read my blog, let alone both of you....

So we naturally took 1st and 2nd in the tournament.... Wait. We expected to take 1st and 2nd. We had 21 players (a bit lighter than normal turnout). Will and I were seated at separate tables to start off. At my table, I watched a calling station hit 3 sets and show AK twice in a matter of 10 hands or so. I failed to hurt him when I turned a flush to one of his sets. My flush was low, so I only took about 1/4 of his stack. Afterwards, I realized I could of popped him all in and he wouldn't get away from his set of 9's, but I could wait and get him later.

When we consolidated down to two tables (16 players) I was right at my starting stack of 2500. With blinds at 50/100, I overplayed AKo against a tight player. I raised from UTG to 400 hoping to steal the blinds. The button called me and I missed the flop (267 with 2 spades). I fired out 500 continuation and she smooth called. Turn brought a non-spade J. I checked and she did the same. River brought a 4 of spades. I fired out 500 to represent the flush but she came over me for a min-raise of 500. I knew I was dead and folded, leaving me about 850 behind.

Exactly one orbit later, UTG again, I fire all in with pocket 10's. Everyone folds around to the BB. Now this is the calling station from earlier, who was the chip leader at one point, but now has about 1000 in chips left. He has 100 in the BB and he decides to call me, leaving himself about 150 in chips. He flips over A8 off. Ace on the river sends me home.

Overall, I played poorly, because I wasn't reading my opponents correctly. I could have easily saved 500 in chips on the AK and possibly even 1000 since her preflop call was strong. I don't mind my 1010 shove since my M was at 8 and I had the blinds coming at me fast. Most importantly, I am relearning these players as this was only my 2nd home game with them after a 2 year break for me. And, I am confident I will be back at the final tables soon.

As for Willwonka, I'll let him fill you in. He had built up a huge chip stack early, but ended up not cashing. I am certain he took a bad beat. Surely. "And don't call me Shirley".

I was able to get a cash game going for 25c limit games. I cashed $12. A little bit back from my $50 tournament buy-in never hurts.

I hope the tables are treating you well. I am moving into a new house Saturday, so I don't expect to play much this week. Check out the BBT3. Great prizes and a chance to play with some FTP pros. Thanks again to AL and Riggs for setting it all up.

Stay patient....

Monday, March 3, 2008

Are you thinking of playing in the BBT3?

Here's a glimpse into the fun action. And this is just the 1st of 57 events.....
Following is all the chat, once the final table began. We have 1 FTP Pro playing. See what happens:

Final table chat for your pleasure…
cmitch: gla
AlCantHang (Observer): congrats
AlCantHang (Observer): go kat
Dealer: hoyazo has 15 seconds left to act
KillinKegz (Observer): congrats! and GL everyone !
cmitch: i tink i like my seat :)
chitwood (Observer): Scott, you had to have an
actual hand that time?
Zeem (Observer): gratz all, good luck
Fuel55 (Observer): mitch are you trying to kill me on
day 1?
PirateLawyer (Observer): gooooo Schaubs
Dealer: Schaubs has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: HAGBARD_III has 15 seconds left to act
chitwood (Observer): I swear to god, I live to be
bubble boy in these things
Dealer: katitude wins the pot (20,700)
Dealer: Hand #5480019793
cmitch: lol fuel
ck31 (Observer): goooooooooooooooo kat
peacecorn (Observer): meeeeeow!
katitude: i LOVE poker
Dealer: noair has 15 seconds left to act
Easycure (Observer): pai gow!
katitude: pAI gow
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (9,900)
Dealer: Hand #5480028289
jamyhawk (Observer): goooooooooo kat and schaubs
katitude: hey jamy
PirateLawyer (Observer): go Canucks go
Fuel55 (Observer): vive la canada
chitwood (Observer): gl all
Schaubs: jamy time
ck31 (Observer): O Canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dealer: HAGBARD_III has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (29,100)
Dealer: Hand #5480040942
Dealer: Schaubs has 15 seconds left to act
millerd33 (Observer): scott can u click on your stats
for this tourny and tell me what % of flops seen you
Dealer: katitude wins the pot (8,700)
Dealer: Hand #5480047370
KillinKegz (Observer): 38%
Donkette (Observer): 230/230
Scott Fischman: 33
KillinKegz (Observer): ah
millerd33 (Observer): ty
Fuel55 (Observer): jackace alert
cmitch: lol - doesnt include when ppl fold to pf raise
Dealer: Scott Fischman has 15 seconds left to act
millerd33 (Observer): yeah yeah
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (7,500)
Dealer: Hand #5480055481
Dealer: noair has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: noair has been disconnected
Dealer: noair has reconnected
Dealer: noair has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: noair has been disconnected
Dealer: noair has timed out
Dealer: noair has reconnected
Dealer: cmitch has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows Ace Jack high
Dealer: cmitch shows two pair, Aces and Jacks
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (55,500) with two pair,
Aces and Jacks
Dealer: Hand #5480069007
Scott Fischman: nh
cmitch: ty
InstantTragedy (Observer): nh
KillinKegz (Observer): nh Mitch !
cmitch: hoys fav hand :)
Fuel55 (Observer): nice lbocker bet - fisch has read
fuels book
Dealer: noair has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: noair has been disconnected
PirateLawyer (Observer): lol
Dealer: noair has reconnected
KillinKegz (Observer): blocker bets roool
Dealer: noair wins the pot (8,700)
Dealer: Hand #5480075377
Dealer: noair has been disconnected
Dealer: noair has reconnected
Dealer: noair has been disconnected
Dealer: noair has reconnected
Dealer: HAGBARD_III has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: noair has been disconnected
Scott Fischman: stop stealin kats bb... so obv
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (25,500)
Tournament Director: The blinds are now 1,500/3,000
with an ante of 400
Dealer: Hand #5480083965
katitude: lol
PirateLawyer (Observer): lol
hoyazo: hahahaha
AlCantHang (Observer): damn skippy!
Dealer: noair has 15 seconds left to act
KillinKegz (Observer): every1 steals kat's BB
Dealer: noair has reconnected
Dealer: Schaubs has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: cmitch shows [Ah Ad]
Dealer: noair shows [Qh Qs]
Scott Fischman: even i know she is tight and this is
my 1st time
katitude: everyone picks on the chick
Dealer: cmitch shows a flush, Ace high
Dealer: noair shows a flush, King high
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (33,440) with a flush,
Ace high
Fuel55 (Observer): booooooooooooooom
Dealer: Hand #5480093651
AlCantHang (Observer): gg
hoyazo: nh
PirateLawyer (Observer): boom
cmitch: ty
Scott Fischman: only im allowed to steal it form here
ck31 (Observer): gg
katitude: gg
Schaubs: gg
KillinKegz (Observer): vn Mitch
cmitch: gg
Donkette (Observer): booooooooom
Astin (Observer): gg
cmitch: its hard to play aces
KillinKegz (Observer): lol Scott F
Dealer: Schaubs has 15 seconds left to act
katitude: *8raises an eyebrow at scott
Dealer: Julius_Goat wins the pot (10,700)
Dealer: Hand #5480098015
Astin (Observer): I miss aces
Scott Fischman: lol
Dealer: hoyazo has 15 seconds left to act
ck31 (Observer): LOL
ck31 (Observer): poor astin
AlCantHang (Observer): i'm going to leave the Kat is
tight comment alone
AlCantHang (Observer): toronto WAS fun
ck31 (Observer): hahaha
Scott Fischman: zing
peacecorn (Observer): haha
riggstad (Observer): lol
katitude: yeah i wasn't gonna touch it either although
it was sooo tempting
Dealer: lifesagrind has 15 seconds left to act
PirateLawyer (Observer): TMI
AlCantHang (Observer): the brass rail was fun, wasn't
Dealer: hoyazo wins the pot (10,700)
Dealer: Hand #5480106449
KillinKegz (Observer): didn't say she was tight...just
doesn't defend her BB without a real hand
riggstad (Observer): BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
katitude: lol ...... can't wait for next years!
riggstad (Observer): olga ight be of age by then
AlCantHang (Observer): i'm making riggs keep his
wallet at home
Dealer: lifesagrind has 15 seconds left to act
katitude: LOL
Dealer: Schaubs shows [As Td]
Dealer: lifesagrind shows [7s Ac]
ck31 (Observer): he will still find a way
jamyhawk (Observer): so this is how the 57 events
Astin (Observer): hey Rigg, can you loan me $180?
I'm trying to help my son with a club foot
Dealer: Schaubs shows a straight, Ace high
Dealer: lifesagrind shows Ace King high
Dealer: Schaubs wins the pot (26,758) with a
straight, Ace high
ck31 (Observer): gg
katitude: LOL IRL
Dealer: Hand #5480113771
cmitch: nh
riggstad (Observer): nice
Donkette (Observer): gg
AlCantHang (Observer): gg sir
cmitch: gg
Schaubs: gg
pvanharibo (Observer): WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
katitude: gg
PirateLawyer (Observer): it's a tough game when you
flop the nuts
Fuel55 (Observer): lucksack
Dealer: Julius_Goat has 15 seconds left to act
lifesagrind (Observer): night guys
Astin (Observer): gg
Dealer: Schaubs has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Julius_Goat has 15 seconds left to act
Scott Fischman: oh wow..."white town" this is
Dealer: katitude wins the pot (25,300)
Donkette (Observer): wooooooooohoooooo kat
Dealer: Hand #5480121472
Astin (Observer): R-E-S-P
katitude: at somepoint, one of you WILL have to call
ck31 (Observer): goooooooooooooooo kat
Scott Fischman: i will
millerd33 (Observer): a few good men is on TMC
Dealer: Schaubs has 15 seconds left to act
riggstad (Observer): BOOOOOOOOOOOOM
Dealer: HAGBARD_III wins the pot (10,300)
Dealer: Hand #5480127898
katitude: thx scott...thought i could count on you *grin
Drew Prothro (Observer): dan henderson got jacked
up last night
Dealer: hoyazo has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Schaubs has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [6c 7c]
Dealer: Schaubs shows [Ad As]
Scott Fischman: gg
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows a straight, Ten high
Dealer: Schaubs shows two pair, Aces and Eights
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (207,062) with a
straight, Ten high
Dealer: Hand #5480138351
Fuel55 (Observer): so sick
ck31 (Observer): WOW
AlCantHang (Observer): mercy
Scott Fischman: srry m8
Astin (Observer): owch
change100 (Observer): so sick
riggstad (Observer):
katitude: gg schaubs!
PirateLawyer (Observer): gross
cmitch: gg
Donkette (Observer): gg
riggstad (Observer): hahahahaha
GunslingerZZ (Observer): ouch
jimdniacc (Observer): yuck
InstantTragedy (Observer): sick
Astin (Observer): vgg schaubs
ck31 (Observer): gg schaubs
PirateLawyer (Observer): gg schaubs
Julius_Goat: lordy lordy lordy
peacecorn (Observer): wow. gg shaubs
KillinKegz (Observer): wow
APOSEC72 (Observer): booooooom
DrPauly (Observer): ouch
pvanharibo (Observer): gg schaubs
smallfortune (Observer): wow
hoyazo: this is just like.....just like....playing with
DrPauly (Observer): gg S
jamyhawk (Observer): gg schaubs
pkrmom23 (Observer): oy
Astin (Observer): Scott's got to have a blog
dnasty13 (Observer): lol hoy
Dealer: Scott Fischman has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Scott Fischman has requested TIME
Dealer: katitude shows [Kd Kh]
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [3h Jc]
Astin (Observer): or something
Scott Fischman: nh
Dealer: katitude shows three of a kind, Kings
Schaubs (Observer): ty guys
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows a pair of Jacks
Dealer: katitude wins the pot (114,180) with three of a
kind, Kings
change100 (Observer): BOOOOOOOOOOM
hoyazo: nh kat
Dealer: Hand #5480150572
Astin (Observer):
katitude: ty darlin'
PirateLawyer (Observer): boooooooom
AlCantHang (Observer): bingo
Scott Fischman: why did i have to lfop a pair
peacecorn (Observer): nice hand kitty kat!
Easycure (Observer): PAIGOW!
InstantTragedy (Observer):
APOSEC72 (Observer):
Scott Fischman: riggged
DrPauly (Observer): weeee
cmitch: scott - u have a blog on beanies site?
Donkette (Observer): BOOOOOOOOM
InstantTragedy (Observer): Kat's got a nice pair!
Dealer: HAGBARD_III wins the pot (5,400)
Dealer: Hand #5480153508
Scott Fischman: i have no blog
JoeSpeaker (Observer): me gusta la gata
Zeem (Observer): nh Kat
Astin (Observer): kat had a bigger pair
Dealer: Julius_Goat wins the pot (9,900)
Dealer: Hand #5480156511
katitude: with the right underwire, I usually do
PirateLawyer (Observer): lol
Drew Prothro (Observer): how does everyone know
each other?
DrPauly (Observer): prison
peacecorn (Observer): haha
Easycure (Observer): drug rehab
Dealer: hoyazo wins the pot (14,400)
Dealer: Hand #5480160825
Astin (Observer): gamblers anonymous
AlCantHang (Observer): then booze benders
Donkette (Observer): lol
jimdniacc (Observer): lol
katitude: strip clubs
Drew Prothro (Observer): i can only process one joke
at a time
DonkeyPuncher74 (Observer): magic the gathering
DrPauly (Observer): bible study
peacecorn (Observer): LOL
katitude: LOL pauly
Dealer: HAGBARD_III has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: HAGBARD_III shows [6s As]
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [7h 7s]
katitude: pauly wins
Easycure (Observer): Republican Convention 2004
katitude: oof
Scott Fischman: gg
Dealer: HAGBARD_III shows a pair of Eights
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows a full house, Sevens
full of Eights
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (61,626) with a
full house, Sevens full of Eights
katitude: gg
Dealer: Hand #5480167337
ck31 (Observer): gg
Donkette (Observer): gg
Scott Fischman: instant rebate
Astin (Observer): unebelievable
cmitch: gg
KillinKegz (Observer): sick run
Astin (Observer): gg
jimdniacc (Observer): pokemon?
Julius_Goat: flopping like ZEUS
peacecorn (Observer): gg hb
APOSEC72 (Observer): missionary work
Astin (Observer): Scott, I want that button
KillinKegz (Observer): he does it everytime
HAGBARD_III (Observer): gga
PirateLawyer (Observer): running good
OtisDart (Observer): Thatn reminds me Pauly...this is
your week to teach Sunday School
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (9,500)
Dealer: Hand #5480170610
Astin (Observer): Bayne is playing Scott's account
tonight, right?
peacecorn (Observer): i can't wait for leviticus!
Dealer: hoyazo wins the pot (9,500)
Dealer: Hand #5480173142
Drew Prothro (Observer): clowns
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [2h 7c] Seven Two
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (9,500)
Dealer: Hand #5480175777
katitude: lol
Astin (Observer): deuteronomy is my fav
hoyazo: NICE scott
hoyazo: you really ARE a blogger
DonkeyPuncher74 (Observer): leviticus
Dealer: Julius_Goat wins the pot (9,500)
Tournament Director: The blinds are now 2,000/4,000
with an ante of 500
Dealer: Hand #5480178689
Dealer: cmitch has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Julius_Goat shows [8s Kd]
Dealer: cmitch shows [Kc Jh]
Scott Fischman: im a quick learner
Fuel55 (Observer): GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dnasty13 (Observer): does he know the hammer?
DonkeyPuncher74 (Observer): has all the good stuff
about ana!
Dealer: Julius_Goat shows a pair of Tens
Dealer: cmitch shows two pair, Jacks and Tens
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (54,044) with two pair,
Jacks and Tens
Dealer: Hand #5480183843
AlCantHang (Observer): gg jukius
cmitch: gg
peacecorn (Observer): gg goat
Donkette (Observer): gg
katitude: gg
Astin (Observer): gg goat
DrPauly (Observer): gg goat
GunslingerZZ (Observer): GG Goat
Easycure (Observer): and Michael Craig cries
KillinKegz (Observer): nh Mitch !
AlCantHang (Observer): lol
cmitch: ty smokkee
Zeem (Observer): yo Easy
Astin (Observer): MC better blog about this
Julius_Goat (Observer): gg all
Easycure (Observer): jimah
KillinKegz (Observer): MC takes it in the pooper
Dealer: katitude wins the pot (12,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480188225
Julius_Goat (Observer): be excellent to each other
AlCantHang (Observer): gg sir
Astin (Observer): party on dude
katitude: *hugs julius
Zeem (Observer): easy you wanna hit reno?
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (12,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480190707
peacecorn (Observer): kitty kitty kitty, oy oy oy!
Dealer: hoyazo wins the pot (18,000)
Easycure (Observer): only if Fischman is there
Dealer: Hand #5480193702
katitude: lol
Scott Fischman: deja vu
Dealer: cmitch has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [9h 6s] Ace Nine high
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (14,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480198911
Easycure (Observer): I think it's CJ playing
Fischman's account
peacecorn (Observer): hahahaha
Dealer: hoyazo wins the pot (12,000)
PirateLawyer (Observer): lol
Dealer: Hand #5480202109
Drew Prothro (Observer): i get it, this is the cheap
way to play with the pros
Easycure (Observer): LMAO
Scott Fischman: CJ hooker
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (12,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480204614
Dealer: hoyazo has 15 seconds left to act
Scott Fischman: walk?
Astin (Observer): sorry Drew, the pros are playing
with US
Scott Fischman: ty
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (6,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480207415
hoyazo: 32o
Easycure (Observer): the is the cheap way the pros
get to play with us!
hoyazo: didnt want to rr allin there scott
Drew Prothro (Observer): H
dnasty13 (Observer): whos a pro?
Drew Prothro (Observer): aha
katitude: lol
Dealer: Scott Fischman has 15 seconds left to act
Fuel55 (Observer): pro = longterm lucksack
Dealer: Scott Fischman has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: katitude shows [As 7s]
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [Js 8s]
Scott Fischman: adklsfhbvnado'[f
Astin (Observer): oooooo
Astin (Observer): booooo
Dealer: katitude shows Ace Ten high
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows a pair of Eights
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (206,960) with a
pair of Eights
KillinKegz (Observer): omg
katitude: dang
DonkeyPuncher74 (Observer): oh good god
Dealer: Hand #5480214678
hoyazo: OMG
Scott Fischman: OHHH SIKMKKK
change100 (Observer): noooooooooooooooooo
Fuel55 (Observer): uggg
Astin (Observer): bah!
PirateLawyer (Observer): omg
cmitch: uggg groossss
AlCantHang (Observer): god damn donkey
cmitch: gg
GunslingerZZ (Observer): SICK
APOSEC72 (Observer): that was wrong
peacecorn (Observer): kitty!
Scott Fischman: SIKJ SIOKS
Donkette (Observer): gg kat
PirateLawyer (Observer): sooooooooooooooooo gros
KillinKegz (Observer): bruhtaaallll
katitude (Observer): gg all
cracknKK (Observer): YES
PirateLawyer (Observer): s
InstantTragedy (Observer): rigged
Scott Fischman: SIk SIK
DrPauly (Observer): gg Kat
cracknKK (Observer): ESY
cracknKK (Observer): YES
cracknKK (Observer): YES
Dealer: Scott Fischman has 15 seconds left to act
millerd33 (Observer): BLAHAHAHAHAHA
Zeem (Observer): gg Kat
cracknKK (Observer): YES
cracknKK (Observer): YES
PirateLawyer (Observer): gg kat
ck31 (Observer): gg kat
misogynist (Observer): gg kat
Julius_Goat (Observer): COME ON HOY
peacecorn (Observer): good game kitty kat... really
Scott Fischman: srry kat
cracknKK (Observer): liar
Scott Fischman: vn playin with ya
Dealer: hoyazo has 15 seconds left to act
GunslingerZZ (Observer): unreal
PirateLawyer (Observer): ah geez
katitude (Observer): no worries sscott
jamyhawk (Observer): gg KAT
DrPauly (Observer): time to shine, cmitch
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (11,500)
Dealer: Hand #5480221065
GunslingerZZ (Observer): horeshoe's gotta drop soon
katitude (Observer): the cards fallw herre cards fall
KillinKegz (Observer): vgg Kat !
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): Hi Scott
mossyman1 (Observer): can u sent some real money
to me scott
Astin (Observer): vgg kat
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): GL Scott
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows a full house, Twos full
of Jacks
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (94,500) with a
full house, Twos full of Jacks
Dealer: Hand #5480227661
cmitch: uggh
cmitch: nh
Fuel55 (Observer): or for fawks sake
riggstad (Observer): good lord man!
KillinKegz (Observer): sooted roooooolz maaaan
Scott Fischman: ty
Dealer: hoyazo has 15 seconds left to act
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): NH Scott
Easycure (Observer): CHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PirateLawyer (Observer): omg
Astin (Observer): why couldn't *I* be at the final table
to outsuck Scott?
Dealer: cmitch shows a straight, Ten high
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows a straight, Ten high
Dealer: Scott Fischman ties for the pot (52,541) with
a straight, Ten high
Dealer: cmitch ties for the pot (52,541) with a
straight, Ten high
Scott Fischman: nh
Dealer: Hand #5480233900
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [9c Ah]
Dealer: hoyazo shows [8d Ac]
ALLTALK22 (Observer): scott your the man
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): NHS
Astin (Observer): ooooof
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows Ace Queen high
Dealer: hoyazo shows Ace Queen high
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (149,780) with
Ace Queen high
Scott Fischman: gg
Dealer: Hand #5480237128
AlCantHang (Observer): gg hoy
Astin (Observer): gg hoy
cracknKK (Observer): you cant even such this guy
out Astin, he cant lose ever
cmitch: gg
ck31 (Observer): gg hoy
KillinKegz (Observer): gg Hoy
Donkette (Observer): gg hoy
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): NH SCOTTTTT
GScottW (Observer): gg hoy
GunslingerZZ (Observer): gg Hoy
DrPauly (Observer): gg Hoy
HAGBARD_III (Observer): gghoy
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [Ad 6c]
Dealer: cmitch shows [Ks 9s]
jimdniacc (Observer): gg hoy
katitude (Observer): gg hoy!
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows Ace King high
Dealer: cmitch shows a pair of Kings
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (100,082) with a pair of
KillinKegz (Observer): wOOOOOOOOOOT !
Scott Fischman: nh
Dealer: Hand #5480240452
DrPauly (Observer): weeeeeeeeeeee
Julius_Goat (Observer): What just happened?
cmitch: lucky
jimdniacc (Observer): YES WE CAN
pvanharibo (Observer):
Astin (Observer): so it seems
change100 (Observer): booooooom
cracknKK (Observer): boooooooooooooooo
pvanharibo (Observer): gooooooooooooooo cmitch
Julius_Goat (Observer): What was that thing where
the chips went to cmitch?
DrPauly (Observer): use the force, cmitch
Dealer: cmitch has 15 seconds left to act
KillinKegz (Observer): one more dubble up
KillinKegz (Observer): then anotha
riggstad (Observer): lol
Donkette (Observer): GO MITCH GO
mossyman1 (Observer): scott can u send me over $5
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (27,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480246034
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): NICE PLAYED
millerd33 (Observer): take a walk mossy
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (5,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480247169
AlCantHang (Observer): i'll send you money if you
come clean my house
Scott Fischman: btw gl mitch.. wp sir
ck31 (Observer): GO CMITCH!
cracknKK (Observer): GOOOOOO SCOTT
millerd33 (Observer): hahaha
cmitch: gl to u also
System: The $12,500 Guarantee (1r+1a) ($30+$3 NL
Hold'em) will be starting in 4 minutes.
Astin (Observer): if Scott wins an ME seat, he'd
better go :)
Scott Fischman: ty
Dealer: cmitch has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (9,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480251965
APOSEC72 (Observer): cmon cmitch
cracknKK (Observer): GOOOOOOOO SCOTT, beat
these monkeys!
Scott Fischman: how would i win a seat?
Dealer: Scott Fischman has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (9,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480255076
AlCantHang (Observer): riggs will send you the email
cracknKK (Observer): you are entered into a free roll
Astin (Observer): this is game 1 to get there Scott
ScottMc (Observer): winner of this gets a TOC buyin
Scott Fischman: oh groovy
Easycure (Observer): it's Donkeys, not Monkeys you
lifesagrind (Observer): get him cmitch
Dealer: cmitch shows Ace King high
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows Ace King high
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (9,000) with
Ace King high
Dealer: Hand #5480261069
mossyman1 (Observer): no sori mate bloody kids
played with the keys
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (9,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480262721
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (9,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480264658
InstantTragedy (Observer): listen to BDR
Dealer: cmitch shows a straight, Seven high
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows a straight, Seven high
Dealer: Scott Fischman ties for the pot (8,500) with a
straight, Seven high
Dealer: cmitch ties for the pot (8,500) with a straight,
Seven high
Dealer: Hand #5480269252
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (5,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480270172
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (9,000)
Dealer: Hand #5480271736
riggstad (Observer): scott thanks fro playing bro
Scott Fischman: yeah np was fun ty for the invite
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (9,000)
Tournament Director: The blinds are now 2,500/5,000
with an ante of 600
Dealer: Hand #5480274544
Easycure (Observer): we've actually enjoyed you
katitude (Observer): it was good to play with you
Scott *grin
riggstad (Observer): i'll talk to small tomorrow and get
her al l the info
cracknKK (Observer): Dutch Boyds bi-polar &&$
would be perfect for BBThree
Scott Fischman: i hope i didnt offend anyone
AlCantHang (Observer): riggs, next time i say get
fischman in the game, don't listen to me
Dealer: Scott Fischman has 15 seconds left to act
katitude (Observer): LOL
Scott Fischman: just having fun after a hhorrid day
jimdniacc (Observer): lol
katitude (Observer): offend anyone? here?
ck31 (Observer): you can't offend this crowd
Fuel55 (Observer): ck offends me
Scott Fischman: ok
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (11,200)
Dealer: Hand #5480280827
ck31 (Observer): b/c you are a weak fish fuel
katitude (Observer): lol
PirateLawyer (Observer): lol
ck31 (Observer): grow a pair
ck31 (Observer): then come talk to me
Dealer: cmitch shows two pair, Kings and Twos
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows two pair, Kings and
Dealer: cmitch ties for the pot (17,600) with two pair,
Kings and Twos
Dealer: Scott Fischman ties for the pot (17,600) with
two pair, Kings and Twos
Fuel55 (Observer): lol
Dealer: Hand #5480284500
Astin (Observer): I've NEVER seen anyone here get
offended EVER
Easycure (Observer): Kat has some mad Pai Gow
ck31 (Observer): BOOOOOOOOOOOOM
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (11,200)
Dealer: Hand #5480286348
katitude (Observer): PAI GOW
ck31 (Observer): kat has some nice boobs
katitude (Observer): I <3 pai gow
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (11,200)
Dealer: Hand #5480287775
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (6,200)
Dealer: Hand #5480288833
katitude (Observer): *grins and winks t ck
InstantTragedy (Observer): herroo
Easycure (Observer): boobs = goodness
Fuel55 (Observer): ghey bloggers dont like boob ies
APOSEC72 (Observer): mmm...boobs
AlCantHang (Observer): the hell we don't
KillinKegz (Observer): Fuel is ghey
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (11,200)
Dealer: Hand #5480293510
Easycure (Observer): leave Speaker alone
jimdniacc (Observer): everybody loves boobs
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (6,200)
Dealer: Hand #5480294859
Dealer: cmitch has 15 seconds left to act
ck31 (Observer): evy is gonna have the highest
readershp soon
Dealer: cmitch wins the pot (11,200)
Dealer: Hand #5480298496
ALLTALK22 (Observer): was this a private tourney?
ck31 (Observer): yes
Astin (Observer): I like boobs on women.. not so
much on me.. unless they aren't mine
KillinKegz (Observer): ya no Nooobs
Dealer: cmitch shows [Kd 6h]
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows [3s 6s]
Dealer: cmitch shows a pair of Sixes
Dealer: Scott Fischman shows two pair, Sixes and
Dealer: Scott Fischman wins the pot (234,964) with
two pair, Sixes and Threes
Scott Fischman: gg
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): CONGRATSSS SCOTT
cmitch: gg
Zeem (Observer): well done
mossyman1 (Observer): vnh
AlCantHang (Observer): gg guys
KillinKegz (Observer): gg Mitch
Donkette (Observer): GG MITCH
Schaubs (Observer): gg
Easycure (Observer): private as much as 100
bloggers writing about it can be!
riggstad (Observer): BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
GunslingerZZ (Observer): gg mitch
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): GG
katitude (Observer): woot!
ALLTALK22 (Observer): rigged
DrPauly (Observer): gg Mitch
Donkette (Observer): GG SCOTT
PirateLawyer (Observer): gg Mitch
katitude (Observer): gg all
mossyman1 (Observer): vn
Astin (Observer): gg cmitch
Astin (Observer): gg scott
KillinKegz (Observer): Scott is impossible to read
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): VN
ck31 (Observer): gg cmitch
cmitch (Observer): wp
Astin (Observer): congrats
jamyhawk (Observer): WOW!
Scott Fischman (Observer): nice playin with u all
lifesagrind (Observer): gg mitch
jamyhawk (Observer): gg cmitch
APOSEC72 (Observer): omfg
katitude (Observer): back atcha
ck31 (Observer): gg scott
KillinKegz (Observer): thx for playin Scott
jamyhawk (Observer): gg scott
cracknKK (Observer): get a blog, you fit right in
InstantTragedy (Observer): gg thx
Zeem (Observer): congratz
lifesagrind (Observer): u2 scott
DrPauly (Observer): can phil ivey play next week?
Scott Fischman (Observer): ty
Julius_Goat (Observer): gg Scott
Drew Prothro (Observer): gg
GunslingerZZ (Observer): at this rate, the TOC will
have like 3 bloggerse and the rest pros
KillinKegz (Observer): well kiss one ME seat goodbye
HumbertoSharkB (Observer): vn scott
Julius_Goat (Observer): thanks for coming out