Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life Update

Little League Football: Our 2nd game was rained out. Bummer too, because we were ready to play. It was a team we could definitely beat and we were coming off of great momentum from the week before. Our 3rd game was against one of the top 3 teams (out of 18) in our league. They have been playing together for 3 years and have some of the best talent in our pool of kids.

I thought we could compete with them, but they killed us 50-0. They scored 7 touchdowns. We had 7 tackles in the game. That's about it. I will say the cold and rain didn't help. I had kids that were saying they wanted to go home as the game started because it was raining so hard. They looked like deer in the headlights at halftime, because they were cold, wet, and getting beat like drums. We did have a few kids that played fantastic, so we made sure to point that out to everyone else.

Next game is this Sunday at noon. We play a team that we should be able to beat. We have 17 first year players so we are expected to lose every game, but I am confident we can beat most teams that aren't "select"teams.

I've somehow managed to go 2-1 now in each of my FFL's. I have Deangelo Williams in both and he really going to need to step it up. I have Clinton Portis in one and he is killing me... 0 TD's after 3 games... Blech... My nice gems have been Julius Jones and the Broncos defense. Of course, I didn't draft the Broncos, I picked them up after week 2, but they are my top points average with 20.0 points per week. Crazy.

I leave in a week for Key West. I've never been there but my company is taking me there for 4 days. I'm sure it will be fun. It will just be nice to have a break from everything for a few days. Any poker rooms down there???? Maybe I'll have to take my laptop. A little FTP on the balcony watching the sunset anyone? Sucks that I'll have to miss one of my little league games. Oh well...

Hope your doing well.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 of 225

OK. So I played it down to 4 people left. But that was it. It was 2:35am and I had to be up at 6:30am. I finally set the computer aside and went to bed. I checked in the morning and I managed to outlast 1 of the knuckleheads left. It went until 3:15am. I would have liked to stay up for another 45 minutest to have that shot at $300+ but.... I got a little sleep.

Buckin' Horse

I changed my mind. I want to go to bed now. . . There is at least 1 hour left, maybe 2, but I can't play anymore. I have a big day at work tomorrow and a big evening planned at a charity event and I am already looking at a max of 5 hours of sleep.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I wish I could pause time.

This was funny though. A bluff gone awry:

Dealer: Keith Sexton shows Jack Ten high
Dealer: Ponzi_Ponzi shows Queen Jack high
Dealer: Ponzi_Ponzi wins the pot (13,200) with Queen Jack high
Dealer: Hand #14878313459
Dealer: Ponzi_Ponzi has 15 seconds left to act
Ponzi_Ponzi: nh donk
Keith Sexton: blow me

Friday, September 18, 2009

Smooth Criminal

I feel like superman right now. Everything is going right. I can't do anything wrong. If there were ever kryptonite in my pants, I would believe it was now.

I mean, I have been in so much pain for the last 3 days. And I don't have any idea why. Tonight it is suddenly gone. Just vanished. It hurt in the back and the front. But now it's gone. I must be doing something right.

It seems like anything that goes on, goes my way. Or anything that matters goes my way. I am still susceptible to the FullTilt RNG but hey... who isn't?

Can my life really be this good? I have had failed businesses, failed relationships, just about everything you can imagine. But now I finally am living the dream. I hope I don't wake up if this is just a dream....

Solsbury Hill

Does anyone else get great flashbacks from college when listening to this song?

So my poker has a been a bit off lately. I've noticed when I'm not playing on a regular basis, I start getting less patient. I'll go all in on a draw or raise on a bluff and then fire 2 or 3 air bullets. I know that is a move you can make but i forget that I have to be really certain when to fire with air 3 streets in a row.

I've been trying to play more online to practice for my live play. Just to get more patient is most important. Hard to believe playing online? True. Just have to keep working on it.

Congratulations to Scott and Brittany on the birth of their first son: SUTTON. Scott must be super excited because he is going to miss poker on Saturday because of it. Hope you guys are having fun. I know you are.

I have my second game as a head coach coming up Sunday. . . . The kids (8 year olds) were so awesome in practice on Thursday night. It makes me feel like the pressure is on me. I mean, if they are going to play great then the pressure comes down to the offensive play calling. What am I saying???? They are 8.... GEEEEEZ. Still, I want to call the perfect game.

I hope your weekend is great!

Stay patient...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I got dreams, yeah I've got my dreams

From "Dreams I'll Never See" by Molly Hatchet

When is the last time you heard that song? I am rediscovering songs from my youth with my I-Phone (I-tunes). Some of these songs I haven't heard in 20 years+. It's interesting the feelings that a song can bring up in you. How it triggers memories.

I'm on such a roll right now. Everything is going great! I hope you are too.

Stay patient...

Monday, September 14, 2009


Thursday, my company promoted me to Vice President of Sales. While the short term will not make a huge difference in my role with the company, the long term implications are tremendous. I am to work on developing our sales staff in new markets.

I've seen other companies in our industry grow in the past, and if we even could do a fraction of that growth over the next 5 years, then I am in great shape! In any case, it positions me very favorably in the top company in the Saint Louis market. I am extremely excited.

And then Saturday I had my first game as a head coach in little league football (8 year olds). I have coached several teams over the years, but never have I been the one who was in charge. So Friday night I prepared my initial plays script (I am the offensive coordinator <----that's a good play on words there, eh?), then Saturday I waited for our 3pm game. About an hour before leaving for the fields, I felt like I was going to throw up from the nervous anticipation.

I prepared the kids the best I could and then took the field to see what we could do. We WON 28-0!!!!! WOO HOO. BOOOOOOOM. WEEEEEE. It was AWESOME! I, of course, couldn't let the kids see me jump up and down like we won the super bowl, but that's how I felt inside to win my first game ever as a head coach. Instead, I reminded them that we will play 6 more times this year and that I would measure how proud I am of them by their efforts on the field and not the score. And I told them how proud of them I was that day. That I know they gave me their hardest efforts and it's just icing on the cake to add in the win.

Of course this is not my best week ever, nor do I think I could define 1 week as the best. After all, at age 41, I've seen a hell of a lot of weeks. But it is definitely in my top 10. I hope you are still capable of having and enjoying a top 10 week.

I hope the tables are treating you right. Stay patient....

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Great food, unexpected consequences

Hawkette made this wonderful appetizer. It was very simple. She cut whole jalapenos in half, scraped out the seeds, filled them with cream cheese and then wrapped them in bacon. We grilled them and they were fantastic!

However. Important lesson learned here. She de-seeded them with her bare hands. BAD IDEA! After "googling" her situation, she realized you are supposed to wear rubber gloves when working with the insides of hot peppers. Who knew?

Her hands were burning all night. She used ice water, lemon juice, and rubbing alcohol. Each helped but only lasted briefly and then the burning returned. Finally, she fell asleep, but she will never make that mistake again.

Good thing she didn't grab something she shouldn't have right after she gutted those peppers.

tough one to lose

I've been playing a lot more HORSE lately. Just enjoy it so much more than Texas Hold 'em.
This was a tough hand to lose. I couldn't figure out how I lost it at first thinking he had a straight.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We are 3 tournaments into our "wannabe" poker series and I am sucking. I went out around 32nd last night (out of 36). No excuses other than I played poorly. I bluffed off half of my chips when I read a calling station as having 2nd pair. He actually had top pair with a weak kicker. My bad. I don't know if I forgot how to play in these type of tournaments or what. But bluffing into a calling station that will never fold is just plain dumb.

I told my wife all about how to stay tight, be patient, and stay out of pots unless you are sure you have someone beat, and she is now in the top 3 after 3 tournaments. She is playing great; I am not...

Congrats to WillWonka for making the final table. He did great last night.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"There was one?"

What an incredibly awesome quote from a movie I haven't seen in probably over 10 years. Do you know it? The line before it is: "Son; There ain't no draft no more".

Anyway, I've been super swamped with fooball and life. I got home last night from football at 9pm and the whole house was dark. My wife and toddlers had already gone to sleep. I hate that. It sucks to leave for work early in the morning and get home after everyone is asleep. Maybe once in a while isn't bad, but 3 nights a week I do it now.

Of course, I volunteered so it's my own fault. Coaching is fun. I love watching these kids learn. It's fun to see how far they can go. Most of my kids have never played football; a lot of them have never even watched it. So to see them go out and run plays now, is awesome. I just hope we can be competitive on the field. We have 6 out of 22 kids that have played before and most of the other teams we play have the opposite ratio (6 new kids and 22 experienced). But we are progressing.

Tomorrow night is my 3rd "wannabe poker series" tournament. I fared better in the 2nd one lasting all the way until 12th. Hawkette finished 5th and is now ranked 8th on the leaderboard. It's a long season, so no worries here. Wish me luck.

Did anybody do any good on Fulltilt Poker this weekend? It seems a lot of people did. I increased my bankroll by 75%, I have a friend that hit a big tourney for 7K, and another that won almost $1200 in a $75 SNG. It's great to hear when people are doing good.

I just drafted for fantasy football. It was so bad, I'm not even sure I can post it on here for critique this year. I'm in two different leagues and it appears I will do poorly in both. But..... I made some great waiver wire moves last year and took FIRST PLACE in one, so who knows what will happen.

Hope the tables treat you right! Stay patient....