Monday, July 20, 2009

Annual Holiday FOR ME

I'm going to see CHEAP TRICK tonight. It's my -once a year, take off work early, make no other plans, see my favorite band of all time -night.

Friday, July 17, 2009


(Virtual) Penny for your thoughts?

36 players. Want to finish at 5 hours. 30 minute levels. $5,000 starting stack:

How cheap can I be?

To get into the biggest tournament ever, which is only $5, I played a satellite for an hour. At least I didn't bubble.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

still here....

What a busy last month it has been. Let's do a quick recap:
1)played in WSOP event
2)watched friend win bracelet which paid me $12,000
3)bought into 3 horses for the main event (1 out on day 1, 2 out on day 2)
3)bought new car (already was planned but now can buy a little more with bracelet money)
4)began preparing for football season (Head Coach of 8 year old team, also managing two football teams -fantasy football teams)
5)began preparing blind structures and tournament software for new season of poker (13 tournaments over 10 months). I completely re-hauled the structure and am using new awesome software.
6)continued my day job and helped my wonderful wife manage our kids and home


I have every evening and weekend planned until November. At least I won't get bored. I'm still planning a write up on everything leading up to Mikey's bracelet win.

I hope you are doing GREAT! I am having the time of my life!!!!