Monday, June 30, 2008

Bye Bye Sirius?

I've had Sirius radio for about 3 years now and really love commercial free music. I also like the comedy channels and the kids channels.

But the radio's I have from Sirius were crappy at best. I couldn't even get stereo from them, only mono. Now, the two radio's I originally had went out and all Sirius is offering me is to BUY another radio. I pay a monthly fee for their services and they don't have any free hardware.

Well I get me an Iphone and I discover that Itunes has a radio feature. In my car, I use the Ipod feature in my Iphone and then at work I just tune into the Itunes radio. Commercial free and lots of variety. Oh, and it is free. (At least I hope it is.... I've been using it for 3 days now.)

Anyway, the only reason I was thinking of keeping the Sirius radio was for the football games I can listen to in the fall. But to save the monthly payment, I might as well can the 'ol Sirius and go with the Itunes. I've been more and more impressed with Apple and the products they have put out the last few years. I might even have to try one of their laptops soon. And they just came out with movie rentals.

You have any ideas?


Wow, a week and no posts. It's so easy to do.

It is the last week (and last day) of the month and that is my busiest time. I'm going to try to piece some type of post together today in between my real work duties.

I didn't play a single poker tournament all weekend. It's been so nice out that I've ended up playing Cornhole while BBQ'n most nights. You don't know Cornhole? or "Cornholio" as I like to call it? Check it out this video on it here:

I did play "dealer's choice" poker Saturday night with the neighbors. It was nickel, dime, quarter stuff with a bunch of goofy but fun games. We did some stud games. And we played a game that I call Indian Poker where you hold one card up on your head where only your opponents can see what you are holding -you cannot. It is a very fun game that gets people laughing, but I haven't figured out a good way to bet it yet. So far, setting up an ante and then playing against the Pot, the same way you would with "In-between" or "Guts" is the best I cold figure. Each person would declare in or out, then pay or rake the pot accordingly. Anyone else ever play this game and have a better betting system, please let me know.

With the WSOP ME coming up, I'm trying to stake someone. Not really for the money making opportunity, but for the juice it gives to follow the action closer. Unfortunately, I can't hit a 10% figure like this guy wants, but I'm still working on finding the right person. I'll let you know if I get something worked out.

Hope the tables are treating you right! Stay patient...

Monday, June 23, 2008


I am trying to move up to higher buy-in, higher pay out tournaments. I like the shorter ones based on time, so I have been doing the 18 to 45 player SNG's. I usually do a tier one 18 player ($8.70 to win a $26 token) or I like the 45 player SNG's.

A week ago, I played a $26 token in an 18 player SNG and won a $75 token. I sat on that for a week, and then used it last night for a 45 player $75 SNG. Here are the results:


I really love the 45 player tournaments, because they don't last more than 2 1/2 hours and you can make the final table with tight aggressive poker. Then you just need to hit a couple of lucky hands and you finish in the money. Last night, I hit more than a couple of good hands. That was officially my biggest single cash to date (previously it was 700ish). Let's hope I bust that bar again soon.

Blogs I learn from: Lucko, LJ, Matt, Fuel55, and Alan.

Stay patient....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going to the Main Event (in 09)

S0me friends of mine put together a WSOP wanna-be contest and I decided to give it a try. The basics are this:
-1 tournament each month for 12 months at $110 buy-in and 1 wildcard tournament
-27 people commit to playing in every single tournament (or sending a sub)
-1/2 the money is paid out to each tournament's top 5 players
-1/2 the money is pooled for prizes based on total points after all tournaments
-prizes include WSOP packages: 1 ME seat and travel money and 4 $1500 seats plus travel money
-WSOP players will split winnings from the WSOP events (above the original buy-in amount) 50/50. 50% to player and 50% divided to 26 other tournament participants

I figured I am not going to buy in the Main Event. I may satellite in, but even then, I might take the cash if I could. This WSOP WB contest will force me to play if I win the seat. Conversely, if I don't win, it gives me some more people to follow closely (other than the bloggers I plan to follow this year).

I was concerned about playing a tournament each month and only being able to cash out half the winnings. If I don't finish with one of the prizes, then I wasted my buy-ins for tournaments with 1/2 the payouts I should be getting. But ultimately, I am a gambler and decided that I am going to win a WSOP seat. So I decided to play.

The intangibles are that I know a lot of the players and it will be fun. I usually can hold my own with them so have a decent shot of getting a lot of points. My goal is to win 2 of the 13 tournaments (the 13th is a wildcard tournament played the same day as the 12 tournament), and have all my buy-in's paid with my winnings. We will see.

So last night was the first one: I played pretty basic poker. Very positional, steals (no re-steals), and TAG. I had one huge pot just after we condensed down to two tables.

I'm dealt A6 in the BB. It folds around to the cutoff who is a new guy to my table. I have no idea who he is but he has a HUGE stack in front of him. He puts in a 3x BB open raise. The button (another new guy from the other table with a medium stack) calls and I decide to call with Ace rag. I probably should fold with the button calling, but I figured that gave me better odds to call (3-1) and I could get ahead with any Ace if these two guys have the wide range I think they do.

Flop comes AJ3 rainbow. I decide to raise and find out where I am. I put in a 90% pot bet and get called by the cutoff. Button folds.

Turn brings a 3. I bet 1/2 pot. He instantly shoves. Now I tank. For a long time. I'm thinking of the hands that re-raise my flop bet: AK, AQ, AJ, A3, JJ, or 33. He could be on a draw, but I'm not believing a shove to risk 3/4 of his stack would be wise this early in the tournament. He could even have a 3 in his hand which would make sense for him calling the flop bet, but that was a lot of chips to call for 2 outs. If I was in his position, with Ace rag I would shove. I convince myself that he is on an A10, A9 or some other Ace rag and I can't fold a split pot. I call and he shows:


Damn! I hate when aggressive players get paid off -unless it's me.
As all of the air is leaving my body, the dealer flips the river over to reveal the Ace of clubs, giving me Aces-full and I double up. This was a HUGE hand that gave me $11,000 in chips when the average stack was $3500 (info courtesy of Tournament Director). SUCK OUT FOR ME! BOOOOOM!

I rode that stack of chips to the final table. A few steals, a few won pots and I finish the tournament in 3rd place. I was seriously card dead over the last hour of play. The eventual winner who sat to my immediate left was a card rack. He got pocket Kings 3 times at the final table, AK, AQ, KQ, and KJ. He also took players out with 47, J9 and eventually won the tournament with 68 sooted against QJ off. Congratulations Mr. Wallace for 1st and to Mrs. Loveless for 2nd.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I'll keep you posted to see if I am going to the ME next year for free!

Check out WilWonka's site for other "better to be lucky than good" hands.

Until then, stay patient...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wii are getting fit

Anyone else try this yet? We are trying it for the first time tonight. . .

18 player SNG's Tier one tokens

I play the turbo and non-turbo versions. They pay top 30% so it seems to be a no brainer. I've taken 1st 5 of the last 6 times played. I've made the final table (outlasted 9 other people... but hey) 12 of the last 12 tries. These are as money as the nightly token frenzy's. If you want to build up some tokens, give these a try: