Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Got some live play in

It is pretty rare that I play at the casinos here in Saint Louis. But I need some practice before I go to Vegas on June 10th. Really, the structures are horrible. 20 min blinds with very speedy blind acceleration. But that's ok with me. You just have to adjust to it. If you get a hand, you better try to get it all in. There is no folding big pocket pairs.

So I play the $60 buy in 50 max players, with alternates for the first hour. Nothing major happens the first couple of levels. I win a few pots, I lose a few pots. I get AA in the big blind and see one of the very rare walks that happen. Old timer gets moved to our table and raises all in after I raise. I have AKsooted and call for about half my stack. He shows 66 and hits a set of 6's right off the flop.  Thanks. He says sorry, I am ready to go home so I'm just playing anything. Very next hand I get JJ and shove after 1 limper. Old timer insta calls with 88 and I get all my chips back and then some. At the first break I am up to 12K from the 10K starting stack but blinds are now 500/1000.

After the first break, loose player that has played a lot of pots, is in the sb while I'm in the bb. Folds to him so he raises my 1K bb to 7500. I insta shove with 13,000 behind and he calls with 55. My AQ hits an Ace to double up. Now I have 28K. I get moved to a new table.

Now with the blinds 800/1600 I limp from MP with 55 after two limped ahead of me. Flop comes 678. bb bets 4K after the flop but she looks disgusted. 2 folds and my action. I put her on 2 overs so I shove and she folds. Still looks disgusted still. Up to 38K.

I raise young internet playing looking kid whose been pretty aggro. I make it 14K after he limped UTG. I have QQ. He calls. He checks dark and flop comes Ad4d7c. I check behind. Turn is the Jack of diamonds. He checks and I shove all in having him covered by about 15K. He tanks and folds. Then he goes all in several times after and gets lucky with AA but then knocked out a hand later with 10c9c on a total bluff.

2nd break and I have 61K. Average stack is 42K and I am chip leader at my table. Must have been a bunch of chips at the other table because we have a bunch of 15-20K players. 14 players left and blinds are now 3k/6k. Like I said, the structure is crazy fast. We have been playing about 3 hours now.

Blinds get to 4k/8k. I have about 68K. In the bb I get AQoff. Girl from 55 hand limps, sb limps and I shove having everyone covered. Girl tanks for a long time. I figure I might be in trouble against AK or even flipping against small pair. After about 3 minutes she says "oh well" and pushes her stack out. sb folds and the Girl  shows As2c. Flop is 553, turn 2, river brick and I lose 40K total.

Very next hand I have 107off in the sb with 2 1/2 blinds left. Old timer is still playing and is UTG and limps. I call (because I know a shove and he calls with any pair or any Ace). bb checks. Flop comes KJ8 with flush draw. I shove my remaining 16K praying everyone folds. bb calls for 1/3 his tack, old timer calls for 2/3 of his stack. I actually don't mind this because if I hit the straight, I can triple up. I'm playing for a 60K pot. Turn comes a beautiful 9. YES! BB checks, Old timer goes all in and bb calls. Ruh-roh. bb shows a K2 for top pair 2 kicker. Awesome! Old timer flips Q10 for turned straight just like me, but a higher one. I go home. . .

Blech. I felt I played good. Never got it in too bad. But I finished 13th of 60 (7 spots pay -although everyone was talking about how the final table/10 all get something usually negotiated). I went from top dog at my table to out in 2 hands. But that is the super turbos at Harrah's.

I had fun. Hope you are too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Going to Vegas

I qualified for a trip and buy in to a $1500 event through my monthly poker club. I'm going to be in Vegas June 10th-16th. I'm actually playing poker the first 4 days, then I'm there with my work for 3 days. The timing worked out perfect so I could play event #18.

Leave a comment if you will be there, and I'll look you up.

Hope all is well...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Online Poker Still Going

So I figured I still need a fix. Guess I can't kick my addiction like some strong people can. And I don't have the time to play live more like other people can. Anyway. Seems like I'm off to a good start on Carbon Poker. Let's see how it goes: