Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm not the one that just got buttfucked on national TV, Dwayne!

Such a great line from Die Hard 1 . I love those movies.

Cal finished 12th in state out of 15 total. He ran his worst race all year. Bummer for him, but still I am proud he made state. He ran the same heat with the kid who holds the state record for the 200meter (set last year), so I think he may have been a little starstruck.

Wednesday night poker. Sucks for me. In Mook Stayed in for awhile, but then ran KK into AQ. I had him covered so got another chance 2 hands later with A6 and the same player called me with KQ. Queen on the flop and I am done. Sucked!!!!

One more try in the next tourney. I get AA and decide to trap. It works perfectly as I get the one and only Mookie to call my all in from the turn with only 77. Sucker!!! Oh wait, 7 on the river and Mook takes me down.

Three hands all in and three times ahead and three losses. Oh well. I run goot!. Not as goot as Fuel55, but I run Goot!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sleep results

My son Brian, who just graduated college with a Mathematics degree, crunched the sleep numbers for us. Here was his response:

The mean, or average, was 5.79.  The only numbers that I omitted were
the 9 the 8, however the 8 had a response as to when they were working,
so I used that response of 4.5. So the mean was 5.79. The median,
(the middle term of all the terms), was 6. The standard deviation was
.95. That means that from 5.79-.95 to 5.79+.95 approximately 68% of the data falls in there.
5.79-2(.95) to 5.79+2(.95) approximately 95% of the data falls there.

With the outliers of 9 and 8 hours, the avg becomes 6.17 hours and
changes everything else around a little bit more.

Now back to Jamyhawk: I am amazed at the number of hours. Under 6 hours of sleep for most people that are playing for fun or little extra cash. That seems crazy. We even had one with 3 hours a night? ? ? C'mon Riggs, that can't be healthy. And of course: congratulations to Smokkee who seems to be eating his cake and having it too. 9 hours of sleep a night. I don't even get 9 hours when catching up on the weekends.

Hope everyone enjoyed the little survey. I'll try another one soon.

My son Cal qualified for State in the 200 meter open, as expected. Top 16 runners in the state go at it this Friday and Saturday. Run Cal Run.

Don't forget to check out these sites: WillWonka and his What Would You Do hands, and OhCaptain and 20 questions.

I'm too tired to post any more (4 1/2 hours last night for me).

Stay patient. . . or maybe I should say: Get some rest.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Proud Father post

My son Cal is finishing up track season. Two Saturdays ago he took 3 golds and 1 silver in Conference Competitions and got his picture and a write up in the Suburban Journal (quoted below). It should be interesting to see how the Football Coach uses him next year, considering he is one race away from qualifying for State Championships in the 200 meter dash (he is expected to finish 2nd in the race and top 4 advance to state). If you followed my "Friday Night Lights" posts, you will know the challenges we had in football last year.

Here is the copy from the paper:
Led by its short-distance relay teams, Holt had a productive afternoon. The Indians won gold medals in the 400 and 800 relays while Chris Campbell (400) and Cal Hawkins (200) also earned top individual finishes for Holt.

“It all clicked,” said Matt Allensworth, who runs the first leg of the 400 and 800 relays. “Our first two handoffs could’ve been smoother, but we kept it together, ran strong and smart.”

“I was really relaxed beforehand and usually I come into a race kind of tense and jittery,” said Hawkins following his individual win in the 200. “I focused on my form mostly. I’ve been working on it for like three years now and I feel like the hard work is starting to pay off.”

Hawkins raced against a quality competitor in Howell’s Brian Cobbs in both of his individual events. Hawkins finished second to Cobbs in the 100 but won the 200 over Cobbs by a hundredth of a second (22.64 to 22.65).

“It was all in the lean,” Holt coach Ed Jurotich said. “It was close. I didn’t know how they’d call it. I was pleased to see him get the nod.”

Proud Father Part II
My oldest son Brian just graduated from college. How impressive! It really can slip by as an accomplishment, but he worked hard for 4 years and now has that degree that no one can ever take away from him. Way to go Brian!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How Much Do you Sleep?

Please comment with avg. sleep hours/lowest hours ever.

Seriously! I would like to know how much you sleep. Obviously, the majority of the bloggers playing online poker have day jobs. So to play in a 4 hour or longer MTT, and work an 8-10 hour day, and have any other kind of life, there's not much sleep time. I would like to compile some numbers and see what kind of sleepers (or non sleepers) the blogger community has.

Please post in comments average number of hours slept per night on work nights. You might catch up on the weekends, but I don't care about that. And please post the least amount of hours of sleep you have had after playing online poker before going to work.

Avg. Sleep Hours/Lowest Hours ever

5.5/3 are my numbers

If you don't mind posting a link to this particular post in your next post, I would really appreciate it. I would love to get as many numbers as possible.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend live poker

pissed away my buy in Saturday night in the live game. I just never got any good feel going. This is a group of calling stations and it is frustrating to watch them catch river after river to beat you. I literally felt I had two choices: ALL IN and FOLD. When I would raise, I would either get 5 callers or someone comes over me all in.

Anyway, here's the short version on how I went on tilt and went out. A4 sooted on the button, raise 4x BB. 3 callers. Flop comes 99Q none of my suit. I C-bet, then fire two more bullets, but get called down to river where my opponent hit flush from runner runner.

Right before first break, I raise 5xBB (3 and 4 times BB not chasing anyone away) with AJ sooooted on the button.. SB raises 4x my bet. This is the second hand in a row he goes all in. I fold, frustrated since it will essentially have left me with so little, I would have had to go all in. He states: "I'm trying something new".

First hand after break, Middle player raises 2x BB, I fold, same person to my left goes all in and takes down the bets right there.

Very next hand I get 1010. Several limpers to me, I raise 5xBB and same person to my left goes all in. Everyone folds around to me. I instacall, frustrated that he keeps going all in and keeps taking away my raises. He flips over JJ and I go home 5th out of 27 players. PATHETIC! A couple of hands later I watch a shortstack all in with 1010 and get called by KQ sooted. The 10's doubled up. I throw up a little in my mouth.

I have played 3 times this year live and 2 of 3 I have gone home with 1010. Once to A8 and now to JJ. Puke!

I just need to be more patient. Really. That is it. I can play in that tournament if I stay more patient. As a switch, I played a few tournaments online and cashed nicely this weekend. I took my pokerstars account up to $170 from the $100 I initially put in. I was supposed to be playing cash tables to get FPP's to earn my bonus but I have been playing tourneys instead. Nice thing is that I'm up in my bankroll. Bad thing is that I have only earned 36 of 2000 points needed to get my bonus.

Oh well. Remember to stay patient. Don't call the bully's all in with 1010 early in the tournament. You'll get him later... Have a great week!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Funny 7year old quote

I'm so lucky. I got two things today I've wanted for a very long time: a tattoo and a whooppee cushion.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Right now I am listening to Buzzsaw on SIRIUS

I loaded cash into Pokerstars. First time in 2+years. I guess their 100% deposit match campaign works.

I played a little 25maxNL, went up and then went down. Finished down $10 after 2 hours and had 8 frequent player points. Only 1,902 points to go. Broken down by hours at the 25max NL level, that should only be another 475 hours or 20 straight days of playing. Or since I only play about 10 hours a week, I should hit my bonus in April 2009. . . I guess I could step up a level or two to quicken my points. <---Is that proper English? Quicken? Oh well.

I didn't cash in anything I played last night. I had Toppairitis. You know: You raise with AQ and get one caller. Flop comes AJ4. You C-bet. Villian comes over you all in and you know he has to be on a draw. You call and he flips over AJ. I hate overplaying Top Pair, but then again, it sucks to try to control the pot size and then someone catches their river card on you and takes you out. I did that once last night with top pair. I let my opponent stay in by not betting enough and he hit his flush on the river with 36soooooted in his hand. PUKE!

Glad it's Friday. Playing live poker tomorrow night. It's a tournament I really should own. I know almost all the players and their playing style. But we shall see.

On the work front, I just completed my first full month with the new Branch. I am hiring two more people Monday and then another in a week. I will have 8 total people under me. The only relevance to why I am putting it down here is that I will have less time to post and read at work.

Hope the tables are treating you right.

Check out these websites. They run goot! Lucko - OhCaptain - Riggstad - Katiemother

Stay patient...