Friday, August 13, 2010

Up and Down and now UP!

 So I went on a terrible run online. See the big drop at about 2800 games played. I went probably 200+ games without any decent cashes and I created a huge slide on the graph. 

As you can see, over the last 50+ games I started the run back upwards. Here's what helped me a lot:
1)I stopped playing Super Turbos. I wrote some time ago about how profitable they were for me, but they create a different mindset of play. It was affecting my regular poker play, and then my regular poker play affected my Super Turbos. It was a vicious cycle that ended in -EV. 
2)On the advanced filters, I dropped off all super turbo and turbo tournaments. I wanted to get back to playing online like I play live and visa verse. The faster you play, the more variance. Ask this guy about Rush poker and variance. Ay yi yi. Anyway, I want the most opportunity to play the most hands. After my recent success in Las Vegas playing a deepstack tournament, I wanted to give myself as many hands as possible to play against my opponents. The more hands, the more I learn about their play and if I lose a big pot, I'm still able to chip my way back to a big chipstack. 
3)I only play the $10 tournaments. Obviously, I would play even higher stakes if possible, but I'm not bankrolled for that. I found that any tournaments for less than $10 and people will shove because someone knocked at their door, or they are ready to leave their house. That must be why someone shoves with 92off. I've seen some crazy shit. 

So trying to play higher stakes and non-turbo type tournaments has proven to be +EV for me. 

I've been doing pretty good playing live. I had a great trip to Vegas and then I won my first tournament in our monthly poker series that is starting it's third year. 1st year I finished in 2nd place for the season. 2nd year I did not cash 1 single tournament. Crazy. 3rd year and 1 tournament played = 1 tournament won. It's a long season, but I am making great reads and feeling very good about my style of play.

Tournament 2 is next week. We shall see.

Go CK in the Detox Series.

Stay patient....