Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HOLY SHIT I miss online poker.

Played in my monthly tournament tonight. I felt lost. I was betting then second guessing everything. It wasn't fluent like it used to be when I practiced 5-7 nights a week. I play one time a month now and it makes a difference. My thought processes, my betting amounts, my starting ranges: it's all questionable now. Whereas before it was instinctual. I did it so much that I didn't have to think.

Well now I have to slow down and think and I'm not used to that.

I had AA first hand and raised preflop. Got 1 caller and saw J97 flop 2 to a flush. I bet out he calls. Turn is a 9. I bet again and he raises; I call. River is a J that completes a flush draw. I check and he bets out 1/3 of my remaining stack (first hand you know?). I fold AA up and he shows 88 for the bluff. Ouch! What a way to start.

I bluffed the wrong times, I lost a big hand to AA and suddenly I had 5 BB only 3 levels into the tournament. I missed an opportunity when I folded 88 to a raise and a call when I had 11BB. I would have tripled up. Next hand blinds went up so I had 5BB with Q10 sooooooted and 2 hands till the BB. I shove and it folds to the BB who tanks..... "I guess we are racing he says as he flips over 22. 2 on the turn and river sends me home with Quad fever.

Oh well. Maybe some day. But I don't know if we will ever see tournaments like the Mookie, the Dank, and the BBT again.

HOLY SHIT I miss online poker.

Hope all is well with you!