Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to legalize online poker

I heard on the radio this morning that the late night comics hammered the Republicans more than Democrats by a margin of 7-1. There were over 475 jokes about Republicans versus only 69 about Democrats. Here's the story to back it up: click here.

Anyone can conclude that this has hurt the Republican Campaign. I find it interesting that this election is such a popularity contest. It reminds me of the Clinton vs Bush year and how incredibly charismatic Clinton looked versus the aging conservative Bush. And with all the YouTube, Tivo, and other technologies that put media clips just a "click" away 24/7, it is reasonable to conclude that the "art" is influencing the "life".

How many people have you talked to that have NO IDEA what the candidates stances are on abortion, or stem cell research, or government involvement, or anything.... and they are professing a strong stance on who they are voting for? Ask them why and they won't say that Leno told them who to vote for, but it certainly influences them: "Yeah. What an idiot that guy is. I ain't votin' for him". And what about the voter that says "I can't vote for him. My daddy would never agree with a person like him in office". Come on! Think. Educate yourself. Vote.

I agree we need change, but I wish people would educate themselves to make a decision that would actually represent what their needs and/or wants are. I am thoroughly disgusted with the entire campaign. When you start to feel like you have to vote for the lesser of two evils, it makes you sick.

If you are thinking of voting based on the candidates views on online gaming: check this article out. I personally think that a Democratic President, Democratic House and a Democratic Senate will NOT support online gambling, but rather push deeper to get it eradicated. But only time will tell.

In the meantime, I will vote based on the fact that I am a small business owner and six figure income earner. I'll just be tickled when the whole campaign is over.

As far as online poker, the only way it will ever be legalized (IMO) is if the major Casino's throughout the United States figure out how to lobby enough dollars (present and future dollars) to get the votes necessary to allow online gaming. If they can show enough money coming in from taxes, then I think they can get it done. And this would be assuming that a company like Harrah's could do something aggressive like buying a stake in FTP or Pokerstars. Imagine that: Harrah's inks a deal taking a major stake in FTP the same day the president signs into law the new Internet Gaming Taxation Bill. LOL.....

Just take a look at Missouri Gaming. For the longest time they didn't want any Casino's in the state. The first gambling "riverboat" didn't open until May of 1994 with the promise of big revenues to our schools from the gambling taxes. They were required to be on the water and gamblers had to wait until the boat un-docked before gaming began. Then regulations relaxed more and then a little more and now, the casinos in Missouri only need to be touching a river and are permanent structures that never un-dock. There has also been a loss limit of $500. That also used to be hard to get around as you had to wait 2 hours before you could "rebuy" into the boat. Then they got more and more relaxed to where now you can leave and come right back in and rebuy.

The state of Missouri has on the ballot a Proposition to eliminate the $500 loss limit. If there was ever any hint of this 14 years ago, they could have never swayed the voters to approve gaming in Missouri. But here we are, 14 years later, promising millions more in tax revenues to our schools, if we could just let people lose a little more. And it looks like it will pass easily.

I personally don't care other than I would like to have the ability to have WSOP Circuit events here in Missouri. We can't now with a $500 limit. But I laugh at the process of continually pushing the line a little bit at a time, asking for just a little more, just one more time, knowing that you will be asking for even more down the line.

And that is what we need for online poker. Sneak in the door with the promise of big bucks and maybe some limits on buyins, and then push a little further, a little further, a little further; until we get it where we want it.

I guess that's my rant on the whole election thing going on. I am sick to death of the commercials, the commentaries, and the circus that it is. Who knows what the next 8 years will bring, but I know one thing for sure: No matter who is in office, I will continue my pursuit to improve my poker skills and make money while doing it (either online or live).

Stay patient....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The end of season 1

Little League Football is finally over! Don't get me wrong, I love coaching the kids. It is a tremendous experience that I recommend to anyone. Working with kids and helping them learn and reach goals is ..... well, it's just fun! I love it.

But I also love seeing my family. It's hard to work 10 hours, then change clothes in the car, then coach football practice, then get home to find my daughter is already in bed. So I miss seeing her for a whole day. That day is a much smaller piece of my life than it is hers. And I hate days when she doesn't get to see me at all.

This year I coached 7 year olds and the fact that they ran organized plays at all, amazes me. These kids are playing "Star Wars" on the bench in between plays. They ask questions like "Which way do I run if I get the ball?" There were many, many "LOL" moments this year. I really had a blast. But I'm also glad it's time to put away my coaches "cleats" until next year.

We went 5-2. Only 2 opponents scored on us and both of those games we didn't score. Football at this age can be so lopsided.

Tonight is the first Tuesday night since July 22nd that I will go straight home. Now if I can only figure out how to get Bodog going on my laptop, I can get into the latest Bodog Blogger Tournament Series.

If you ever have a chance to coach any kids sports, I highly recommend it. . .

Monday, October 27, 2008

More of the Matrix

Here's my latest Matrix results:

So instead of playing a 1 table 6max SNG for $6 that pays $23.40 and $12.60, I did the Matrix tournament. I made less than taking first in a single table, but I did make 14% more than I would have for taking second. And based on how I only took first in 1 of the 4 tournaments, maybe I did come out +EV.

I was a little flustered at first with 4 tables going at the same time. I was not able to pay attention to specific players very much, but played my usual TAG way and it worked (meaning: I cashed).

Overall, I'm not sure I have my answer yet as to whether or not I like these tournaments. What do you think of them?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


You know when you are playing like shit. And you know when you are in the zone. I was in the zone for awhile and then I lost it for awhile.... I found my way back in the last couple of days. This isn't a big score, but it is a score while playing like I know I should....

I hope you know if you aren't making it now, you can get back there.... Stay patient....

Friday, October 24, 2008

15 minutes

Just a quick congrats to Paul "The Gimmick" Featherstone for making it to the FTP Poker After Dark Dream Table. I played a tourney with him last night. Interesting to see that he is a low limits grinder that had a good run for "15 minutes". Too bad for him he couldn't keep more of the $25K he initially won. Good luck going pro, dude! Click on his name if you want to see clips from the show.

The Gimmick: lol slight overbet?
The Gimmick: folding JJ
Pomar: AK heart
Dealer: whiskeyluvn shows [7s 7d]
Dealer: Frosty_Calls shows [Ks Kh]
Dealer: andykoom shows [Ac Qd]
The Gimmick: WOW
The Gimmick: 77?
Dealer: whiskeyluvn shows a pair of Sevens
Dealer: andykoom shows two pair, Aces
and Queens
Dealer: andykoom wins the side pot (30)
with two pair, Aces and Queens
Dealer: Frosty_Calls shows a pair of Kings
Dealer: andykoom wins the main pot
(4,350) with two pair, Aces and Queens
The Gimmick: LMAO
Dealer: Frosty_Calls finishes in 58th place
Dealer: whiskeyluvn finishes in 56th place Tournament Director: The blinds are now 20/40
The Gimmick: 77 LOL!
andykoom: wow...
The Gimmick: is this real money or play
The Gimmick: LoL!
The Gimmick: AQ i can see
The Gimmick: but 77? wow
The Gimmick: and with 2 in as well
Dealer: jamyhawk wins the pot (260)
andykoom: heads up maybe, but 3 way is
The Gimmick: yea lmao
The Gimmick: and this early, not even
head up lol
The Gimmick: maybe with 150/300 blinds,
not 15/20 lmao
The Gimmick: 15/30*
Dealer: jamyhawk wins the pot (525)
Pomar: fok
Pomar: almost place a bet
The Gimmick: QJ 2327??? wow
andykoom: online betting different from
casino playing it seems
The Gimmick: yea very lol
andykoom: i've been on this for 3 days now
andykoom: and some of the betting is nuts
The Gimmick: theres more fish in cash
games live, more fish in tourneys online
The Gimmick: online players seem to be
strong in cash games more often than
tourneys from what ive experienced since going pro after i made the show poker after dark
The Gimmick: maybe you guys saw me a
few weeks ago
The Gimmick: paul featherstone
andykoom: oooh yeah the dream table or
andykoom: nice
The Gimmick: yea
The Gimmick: tx
andykoom: yeah i haven't won jack in the cash tables here
The Gimmick: wish gavin didnt hit that damn K on the turn
The Gimmick: yea limit is the way to go on here for me in cash games
The Gimmick: i usually just play tourneys though
andykoom: yeah i think i'm sticking to
tourneys too from now on online
The Gimmick: all i have to do is win 3 of these doub;le shootouts a month and all my bills are paid for lol
andykoom: i won 2nd in my 3rd tourney, it was unbelievable luck
andykoom: but in cash games i keep
The Gimmick: tourneys are great cause of the risk/reward aspect
andykoom: indeed
The Gimmick: cash games you can lose alot fast, but not in tourneys
The Gimmick: =)
The Gimmick: you see when i made
Hellmuth fod QQ preflop with AQ? and he
was shortstacked too
The Gimmick: fold*
The Gimmick: that was so great
The Gimmick: i did an impression of him
one hand too was kinda funny =)
andykoom: i remember u mocked him with
the glasses
The Gimmick: ouch
The Gimmick: nh
rhoegg: you are the guy from poker after dark
The Gimmick: yea
The Gimmick: if u wanna see some highlights
The Gimmick: copy paste this
rhoegg: you played well
The Gimmick:
The Gimmick: tyvm
The Gimmick: i had chip lead for a while, but played too tight
andykoom: yeah that hellmuth imitation was deadon
The Gimmick: i was knida nervous lol
The Gimmick: thx bro =)
andykoom: i think any1 would be w/ that
The Gimmick:
The Gimmick: dont 4get underscores
The Gimmick: yea was a super tough match
The Gimmick: but i picked my table, made my own bed had to sleep in it lol
The Gimmick: sure wish i got that 120k lol, but 5k and free hotel and tv time not bad off freerolls
rhoegg: so did you win it in the freerolls on here?
The Gimmick: yea
The Gimmick: made the final my first rnd 2 back in november, than won the january final on here
rhoegg: cool I played in a few of those, the first and second rounds were just all in crazy
The Gimmick: played in april, just aired like
2 weeks ago
Dealer: jamyhawk shows [Tc Qc]
The Gimmick: airs again next month :)
Dealer: 2327 shows [Js 8c]
Dealer: jamyhawk shows a pair of Tens
Dealer: 2327 shows Jack Ten high
Dealer: jamyhawk wins the pot (2,640) with a pair of Tens
The Gimmick: damn that straight hurt jamy :(
The Gimmick: lol
rhoegg: so what are you doing playing this level?
The Gimmick: ahh well, i enjoy the
challenge of being shortstack =)
The Gimmick: im not rich -- if i won the show, im sure i wouldnt be here lol
The Gimmick: shoot, i made the show off
pyure freerolls
rhoegg: haha oh ok
The Gimmick: lol
The Gimmick: i do play higher than this
The Gimmick: usually like 10-26 dollar
The Gimmick: i just play for rent right now til that big score =)
rhoegg: yea
The Gimmick: hopefully can win an FTOPs
event within the next year
The Gimmick: one big win all you need :)
andykoom: what's ftops?
rhoegg: I've just started being able to play without depositing lol.. pretty far from ftops
The Gimmick: they do it like ever 2 or 3 months on here
andykoom: i saw someone with that jersey
andykoom: ahh ok
The Gimmick: the main event winner last
FTOPs scored a cool 860,000
The Gimmick: off 1 tourney
andykoom: holy
The Gimmick: lasted 45 hours
The Gimmick: 2500 buy in
The Gimmick: but you can get in for as
little as 10 bucks if you satilite your way in
andykoom: that's the way to do it :)
The Gimmick: even the small events pay
out like 80k to the winner
rhoegg: thats why you're in this one, like me :)
The Gimmick: with like 250 buy in
The Gimmick: yea i just keep the 205 off these though lol

Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain Obama Dance OFF

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more free videos

Top Online Mac Poker Rooms

The new ad campaign has made it clear: Macintosh is upping the ante in regards to their fight against PCs, and the online gaming industry is accommodating appropriately. In some instances, it could be said that progress is slow; however, for the Internet gambler the options are there.

For those that use a Mac and feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick, think in the same terms as the day you chose to buy your Mac: Quality over quantity. You’ll find the same battle being won in regards to Internet Poker. Keeping that in mind, let’s consider these following possibilities for Mac poker play.

Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker ( has quickly become known as the premier site for Mac users. In regards to usability and ease of download and play, it is tough for Mac users to beat. Consistent traffic in poker tournaments and ring games create an atmosphere that is always warm with action at the very least. During peak playing hours, several thousand players can be found playing in variety of games, Texas Hold ‘em reigning supreme. Most users probably won’t get too excited about the graphic and software content, but rest assured in knowing you will have action at your table; cards will be dealt, discarded, and someone will walk away with the prize. No player should worry about their money in the database; security is always a top priority. And with that money, you should find some soft play at Pacific’s tables! With that possibility, any shark should know that there is business to be taken care of at Pacific Poker, and your Mac won’t hold you back.


Another great option for those who play poker on Mac is the very popular PokerRoom ( Here you’ll find the same high standard in security that most of the top sites consider a must. They also offer excellent technical support and fantastic sign up bonuses for new players. Graphically, PokerRoom is an aesthetically pleasing site offering a variety of games within a large poker community. No player should ever have a problem finding a game, especially in the realm of Texas Hold ‘em. Tournament play at the PokerRoom is incredibly popular and generates a load of player traffic and tournament payout! PokerRoom also offers stats on each player in the lobby, helping in the decision of where to put your action, and who to compete against. Overall, PokerRoom is a top choice for Mac poker players.

Holdem Poker

Not neglecting those that prefer Mac to PC, Holdem Poker ( is another great place to get into the action with your Mac. Here you will find snazzy graphics and software that offer great play. On the downside, if you’re looking to play multiple tables, the graphic content isn’t so friendly, but a little crowded. Regardless, if one likes what they see, certainly they can make it work! In regards to financial security, the Ongame network serves up the quality they have become synonymous with. Both experienced and new players will find a friendly welcome with bonuses, and appropriate levels of play. For the more experienced player, do keep in mind that this site is considered to have some soft competition at the lower stakes tables. A few wins and you should forget all about the sites that your Mac can't be used at.

Bollywood Poker

How could anyone forget about our dear friends on the West Coast at Bollywood Poker( Our favorite celebrities, actors and actresses that love to sit down at a table and get into the action. And make no mistake, the iPod Nano isn’t the only Mac product they own. You can get in the action here with James Woods, Vince Van Patten and many, many others. You’ll also find regular Joe’s and Jill’s looking to rub shoulders with their favorite stars. Here you go Mac owner, time to use your poker skill to take advantage of these PC users’ celebrity obsessions! In all seriousness, there is always action at Hollywood Poker, whether you prefer the Texas Hold ‘em variety, Omaha games, 7 Card Stud or 5 Card Draw; they offer it all in an incredibly pleasing atmosphere that any celebrity would be proud to be seen at. Security is a top priority, and entertainment follows closely as number two. A fun poker experience, and available to the Mac user!

In the meantime, enjoy winning some cash from those spoiled PC users!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The new MATRIX tournaments

I've seen several people posting that they like the new MATRIX tournaments on FTP. But my first instinct was to look at the payoffs and compare if they are worth playing or not.

For example, Numbono recently posted a screenshot where he won all four MATRIX tourneys and won the Dominatrix Prize (all the MATRIX payouts go to him -instead of paying 1st and 2nd place). So for a $2.25 buy in, he wins $8.64.

See this example for payouts in a MATRIX SNG:

But what if he finishes 1st in 3 out of 4 of the tournaments and 2nd in the last one. His payout is now $7.08 (3x$1.56 for 1st finishes + 1x$0.84 for 2nd finish + $1.56 for 1st in MATRIX pool).

Traditional payouts in a 6max $2.25 tournament are $7.80 for 1st place and $4.20 for 2nd place. See example here:
So Numbono actually increased his profit by nearly 11% since he was able to dominate all four tables in the MATRIX rather than playing a traditional 6max SNG and finishing 1st. But if he has 1 2nd place then he drops his profit by 9% (rather than having won the traditional SNG). And if he is winning 3 out of the 4 tournaments, I would argue that he should easily win 1st place in a regular 6max style against the same opponents.
Or should I conclude that he will win 3 out of 4 traditional SNG's. Therefore, he gets $23.40 in winnings or 260% ROI. But playing 4 MATRIX's and winning 3 out of 4 tables pays $28.32 or 315% ROI.
At first look, my thought was that you have to win all 4 tournaments in a MATRIX in order to profit better than playing in a traditional SNG. But maybe averaged over time, the MATRIX may be better.
Of course, if you hop in a MATRIX where you don't cash at all then you get out cheaper than having played 4 tournaments against those same players.
In any case, people probably play them because they are fun. I will probably end up trying them, even though I still think my ROI will be better playing the traditional games.
Are you playing in them and what do you think?
Stay patient.....
I'm not sure I will make this, but if you are near a computer, how can you NOT play in this?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Should I take this as a personal attack from blogger? I mean, I know I've been on a bad run but to hear it straight from the internet....???? WTF?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good deeds from poker

Check this out: Dennis Phillips, who is at the final table of the WSOP is donating his revenue from a sponsor to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The whole story is here: Charity from Poker

Go to ebay and bid for yourself here: Patch for sale

What a great way to promote your poker blog!!!!

When poker doesn't matter

I had planned on doing a long post about how bad I have been running in poker. I was going to suggest theories and ask questions and blah blah blah.

But all that really means nothing when you are faced with real life. I have 5 children and came near weeping when I read Katiemother's recent posts. My family's thoughts and prayers will go out to her family. Maybe yours will too...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FTOPS X coming

My poker play is still unprofitable right now, but I do feel I have turned the corner. I've stopped tilting so much, I've returned to my tight aggressive play. I've been playing a bunch of satelites to the FTOPS and Sunday Million's on FTP. The bad thing about that is they usually only pay first place or pay very small amounts to 2nd or 3rd spot. So that hurts my ROI when I finish in the top 10% 3 out of every 10 tournaments but don't necessarily get paid.

I did qualify for FTOPS#8. It is a rebuy tournament. It will be my first FTOPS to play in. Actually, I hope it will be my 3rd or 4th. I am trying to get into FTOPS#1 and any others I can satellite into.

I've been playing almost every single night on FTP and feel like I have to get a little "fix" each night. So I think I'm going to take a few days off. Slow things down a bit. I really need to FOCUS harder when I play and if I'm playing every single night, then I think that makes me sloppy. Part of the reason for playing more has also been thanks to TheCloserX5 winning $52K+ in the Sunday 750K Guarantee. He's been on a heater lately as he took down the Big Daily Double B last Saturday as well for $2700+. Watching him do it, definitely lites a fire under me that I can do it too.

One last person to mention is sprstoner . He's been on a heater as well. I had him linked on my site forever and then I finally took him off after he seemingly quit blogging. He's back now and I love his blog. His poker thoughts run similiar to mine (although I wish it were our poker skills that were similiar). Check him out if you get a chance. I'm throwing him back up on my links indefinietly.

Tonight is my monthly tournament to win a WSOP ME buy in next year. I'm still in first place, but I'm tied now, and there are several people on my heals. Time to turn it on and prove that last month was a fluke where I went out with a set of queens to a runner-runner straight. I'm going to try to throw up a poll so look for that too, soon.

Stay patient....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PokerListings’ team of tournament reporters constantly travel the world to bring you updated information from the largest poker tournaments on the globe. If want to get updated chip counts, read interviews with winners and study game analysis from WSOP, EPT, WPT etc, PokerListings is a great source.

Alongside tournament news, PokerListings keeps an ear to the online-poker ground. The site writes about everything that happens in the world of Internet poker – from reviling what site currently has the best promotions to showing the biggest hand at Full Tilt within the last hour.

All in all, PokerListings is the best poker news site on the web, both online and offline.


Wow! What a cooler I am on. If you see me sitting at a table: jump in. You should be able to get a bunch of my chips no problem. My bankroll is down 60% in the last 4 weeks. Prior to that, I was on a serious heater, so I guess I can't complain too much. I just feel like I got whacked in the back of the head with a shovel, and a bunch of my bankroll flew out of my mouth.

This graph (from shows part of my decline. It does not include my MTT's which paid me nicely in August, but beat me up in September just as my SNG's did. The grey area is September.

I am trying to play through it. Lowering my buy-in's to protect my bankroll and just play through it. I have noticed that I have turned up my aggression and that is NOT GOOD for online play. At least, not to the level I am playing. TAG (tight aggressive) play is best for online poker IMO. I have been playing more LAG (loose aggressive) lately and it shows in my bankroll decline.

I am still up 3,650% for the year, so I can't complain too much. I just need to stop this slide on I'm on.

I hope the tables are treating you well. Stay patient...