Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Would Jamyhawk Do

Or better yet, what would you do?

Level 5 of a tournament that usually lasts 12 levels, so almost halfway there. You have been playing great. You make a few tough laydowns, you make a few reraises with air at the right points and get paid off. You have 35 BB's with 200/400/50 blinds. There are 25 people left of the 36 that started. 5 get paid, but every spot higher you finish you do get points towards end of the year prizes.

UTG raises to 800. You have KsKh. You make it 2000. It folds back to UTG who just calls.

UTG player is loose aggressive. He rarely wins a tournament; he is usually out before the 4th level; he plays questionable all the time.

Flop comes 8910 rainbow. He bets out $4,000 into a $4600 pot. You count out $12,000 left. What do you do?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Super weird (and tragic) thing happened yesterday.

My wife was in a wedding for her best friend. During the photo shoot right after the wedding, the bride's phone rings. Caller ID shows it is the DJ for her reception. She figures it can wait till she gets to the reception to speak to him.

30 minutes later she arrives at the reception and someone comes out to tell her the DJ is not there yet. He was supposed to set up at least an hour before.

Just then her phone rings again but this time it is the state highway patrol. He says he found paperwork in an accident vehicle regarding her wedding. He was calling to tell her the DJ was just killed only 2 minutes away from the reception.

She gags and almost throws up.

True story. As I said: I was there.

Makes you appreciate life a little more. I know it happens every day but not usually right at such a joyous occasion.

One of the guests works at a bar and knows their regular DJ pretty well. He calls him and he is on the golf course but planning on date night with his wife. That DJ calls his wife who says "I couldn't imagine how horrible that would be".

He fills in just in time after dinner is finished. Everything went well from there.

Really bizarre.