Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Ride Slide

My little daredevils

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I HATE finishing 2nd

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2nd place sucks bungholes

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Out 16th. 77 with 200 small blind. UTG limps and I raise him 600 more going all in. He calls with Q9 off. 9 on flop and I go home.

2nd place guy has to finish 9th or better. Now I just wait.

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18 players left. I am shortstacked. Took a big hit with AJ. River gave me aces and jacks but gave villian flush. 2 nd place guy still in with big stack he got from a set of 4s. I can't let him finish 5 spots ahead of me to get the main event seat.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday night MOOKIE

The BLUES did not win last night. But it was an intense, exciting, fun game to be at. Just wish the end results were better.

Played in the MOOKIE tonight. Went up and down a bit in the first half hour. I had AA and open raised from the button. Fold. Fold. Win 90 chips.

2nd time I get AA. 1 raise and a call ahead of me. I min-reraise. Call Call. Flop comes with nothing special. first player bets pot, next calls and I go all in. Someone flopped a set and I go home.

That's an interesting spot. I think the flop was 7810rainbow. With AA and two people in heavy, do you fold there? I don't think I could. How do you read for a set. Or should I have shoved pre instead of min raised?

Oh well, this weekend I play live for the WSOP Main Event seat. I'll know by about 4pm on Saturday if I win or not. I plan to celebrate Saturday night. . .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blues Win!

Going to the BLUES game tonight... I can't wait. They are down 3-0 in the series but I know they will win tonight. 4 in a row might be asking a lot, but they will win tonight and it will be a blast to be there.

How did I get to be a Denver Broncos fan and a Saint Louis Blues fan. I lived in Denver until I was about 8 years old and I remember watching the orange and blue every Sunday with my dad. Then we moved to Saint Louis where the town was not too fond of their Saint Louis Cardinals. As a matter of fact, there was little excitement and lots of Bidwell Bashing. This town loved the Baseball Cardinals. Closely behind was the Hockey Blues, and then somewhere down after your favorite college and high school teams came the Football Cardinals.

So I never really got into the football team in Saint Louis and then suddenly in 1988, they left. So I went to the local sports bars on Sunday's to watch my old favorites: The Denver Broncos. And as I came into my early 20's (a critical time for developing pro sports alliances), I became a die hard Broncos fan.

Since Denver didn't have a baseball team or hockey team (that I remember) in the early 70's, I became a Saint Louis Baseball Cardinals fan and a Saint Louis Blues fan.

So that's why you will find me rooting for the Saint Louis Cardinals and Saint Louis Blues, but the Denver Broncos instead of the Saint Louis Rams.


BBT4 still going, isn't it?

Congrats to Vinnay for getting his TOC seat. Click on his name to go congratulate him. I'm surprised that the number of players in the BBT4 really dropped off. We are past the halfway mark and I was expecting bigger and bigger numbers of people as the bloggers promote the opportunity to win a WSOP seat on top of the normal earnings. Red Pros would be playing and we would be setting new records for the number of players in each tournament.

Well the opposite has happened. As we reach the midway point, it appears we are thinning out to the "regulars". It was obvious last night when there wasn't a single player that I hadn't played with before in the Riverchasers. I guess that's good, since the odds of people winning two or more TOC seats are better with fewer players. But more is better too. More people now means more prizes and hoopla for BBT5.

So what are you waiting for? You don't need a bunch of points to win the TOC. You only need a seat. You can win one of the remaining 23 tournaments and YOU ARE IN! And really, you don't even need to win the TOC. 2nd place also gets a 12K package to the WSOP MAIN EVENT. There are still 23 remaining seats out of the 53 total that will be playing!

If you don't have an account, go to fulltilt poker , download the software and use promo code: jamy600 . You'll get a 100% match for deposited funds up to $600. You have an opportunity to win seats to the WSOP on top of the normal prize money. These seats have been donated by Fulltilt Poker.
Come on out and play!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

finally a decent finish again

I was soooooooooooo bummed I couldn't finish it out. I had him for awhile, but finally I went all in with A9 and he called with AQ. My bad. Still a good finish and fun to do.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday B-Hawk

Quite a drum set for your 4th birthday, but he sure can play them already! (PokahDave brought up a good point - I actually did buy them for him. And he's not the only one that enjoys playing them -hehehe)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

See my: Mookie Champion Profile

Thanks again Mook for pimpage...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sign of the times

One of my customers called me today. This is not an unusual call for me to get these days. He states that his wife got laid off from her job of 17 years. Her company made auto parts for new cars and with the slowing of new car sales, she got laid off. His company has cut back on his hours drastically (he is in computer operations), and they are running out of savings.

He has blown through his entire savings over the last 4 months trying to keep paying everything on time and protecting his credit rating. But now, the money has run out. He wanted to ask me about hardship programs for homeowners. He makes all his payments on time, but soon he will start getting behind.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I know of to help him. I set up the loans, not service them, so I tried to steer him in the right direction on where to get more answers. But quite frankly, I think he is SOL. I have not heard of anything that helps people BEFORE they get behind. There are programs to help if you are 3 or more months behind on your mortgage, but of course, by then you have ruined your credit.

I don't know what the answers are, but something has to change soon. It breaks my heart to hear these people that say they don't want to move (lose their house), but they don't have any other choice.

I mean, this guy wasn't blowing wads of cash living a champagne lifestyle. He had a low interest rate, a low debt-to-income ratio and 20% equity in his house. But the economy turning has brought it's worst on him. And he had a fairly good attitude about it. Some people calling me hate the world right now, no matter who is in "their world". He said he know there are tons of people in the same boat as him, but he is still trying to stay afloat.

I just feel bad for those people. Hopefully things will change soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

check me out

jamyhawk - UPDATED

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Uppercutting sports-mascot, cowboy-folding donk.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Read all about it! JJOK wins with JJ

Congrats to JJOK for winning the Mookie tonight. His winning hand?

Special congrats to Shabazz for getting so close. He has got to finish strong in the overall points at the end of three months. Seems like he is at every final table.

And congrats to my buddy theCloserX5. He got in the points again. Don't underestimate my statement when I tell you: HE IS A POINTS WHORE.... try to get in the points more often than he does. I dare you..... LOLOLOLOL

OH and by the way, I finished 6th in my WSOP WB tournament. I have 1 tourney left and I am in first place by .7 points. I think 3rd place is too far from me to catch me, but we'll see. I should be good for a $1500 seat unless I get arrested on the way to the tournament. But I plan on seeing YOU at the Main Event....