Wednesday, May 27, 2009

super turbo madness

Pocket Kings with 16 players to go (45 player super turbo with 300 chips to start). UTG raises and I reraise all in. Get two callers. REALLY? Unfortunately, MATT has the same hand as me. We get hosed (him more than me, because he goes out).

But I'm out 2 hands later.... I liked the flop, but not the turn or river so much...

Great job CAL

My son Cal just missed going back to the State Championships this year. I'm extremely proud though, especially since he is only 7 months removed from ACL surgery. He lost a lot of strength from that but was still able to compete in Sectionals.

Next year he starts college on a Track scholarship, so hopefully he will build that strength back up to compete at even higher levels.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playin' 'em all

I don't know if it is "congratulations" or "sorry to hear it" but TheCloserX5 has played every single BBT4 tournament (and he is the only person to do so). And he has actually PLAYED every single one. Not just registered and sat out to say he did it. I know for a fact he won't be missing any of the remaining events. Maybe he'll get some kind of recognition for it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to go from 1st place to out in 2 hands

Always remember: AJ two hands in a row = you go out, sucka'

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I decided I need to get out and play more live poker (with strangers) to better prepare for my Vegas trip coming up. In case you haven't heard, I won a $1500 seat and travel money to play in the WSOP event #28 on June 13th.

So I head to our local casino for a $100 buy in tournament. 40 players sign up. But the structure is terrible. Check this out. You get 5000 chips (Tuesday nights only -all other nights are 3000) with 15 minute blinds. They went like this:

So you don't have a whole lot of time for play. You have to make some moves quickly. I start in seat 3. Dealer is seat 10. First thing I notice is lots of limping. Everyone is limping into pots every chance possible. I fold the first few hands (including my bb that misses the flop) trying to get a feel for the players. There is an older dude (about 80) playing every hand. He will call to the river with 2nd pair, any draw, TPWK, etc...

Hand 1: From the cutoff for the first time, I raise to 200 with J9 off to see if I can pick up some blinds. I totally missed the 2 limpers from seats 9 and 10 (hence why I need to play more live). SB calls, BB calls (older dude) and 2 limpers call. Flop comes 1023rainbow and I fold to a bet from the BB. I MUCK.

Hand 2: Still 25/50 and I check my BB with K6off making 5 players. Flop comes K63. I bet out 100, older dude calls, everyone else folds. Turn is a brick. I lead again with 300 this time and older dude insta calls. River is a 10 no flush or straights possible. I bet out 500, older dude raises me 500 and I call. He flips over K10 for the rivered bigger two pair. I MUCK.

Hand 3: 25/50. UTG makes it 175, 1 caller, then from MP I raise to 500 with JJ. Blinds fold, UTG and caller both call the 500. Flop comes Qs2c3c. Check, check to me and I fire out 700 into 1600 pot. UTG raises all in. He has me covered by about 3000. Other player folds. I MUCK.

Hand 4: 50/100. I limp from the SB after several limpers ahead with 5c7c. Flop comes 5A5. I lead out for 100. Older dude calls, everyone else folds. I'm praying he has an Ace. Turn is a 6 (no flush draw) and I lead for 300. Older dude insta calls. River is a 2. I can't imagine he was playing 34, but so what if he was. I try to think of what bet he will call. I bet 500 into about a 1300 pot and he folds. I know he calls with any Ace, so why couldn't he have it now? I MUCK.

Hand 5: I blind down not getting any hands at all. No AK, AQ or even higher than A9off. I get 55 once, and limp from UTG (mistake, I know), flop comes AK10 and I fold to a bet. I MUCK.

Hand 6: We are first hand after break, about 28 players left. Blinds are 300/600 and I am in SB. I have 1200 behind. The cutoff is a friend of mine (shimshady) I have known for almost 10 years and have played with him MANY MANY times. He limps. I know he will limp with ATC and try to outbet someone after the flop if he misses. If he has an Ace or King or even connected Q he will raise trying to take down the blinds. I look at Qh8h and shove. I maybe could have waited 10 more hands, but I figure if the BB doesn't wake up with an Ace, I can isolate to only me and shimshady as I know I am ahead of him preflop with Queen high. . . . The big blind calls my shove for 900 more as does shimshady. Flop comes 999 -check-check- 6 -check-check 4. no hearts. BB announces and shows Ace high, shimshady shows 10 high hand. I MUCK.

Never showed my cards 1 time. Total learning experience. Overall, I get a D- for my play this time. I will make some adjustments and try again next week.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Lucky Am I?

If you read my Mookie Win Profile you'll remember I said I am "lucky". I'm lucky everywhere I go. And so again this weekend, it happened.

Here is my ticket to Dane Cook this past Friday night:

That's right! Section 108. Row GG. The very back of the entire stadium. There were literally 5 rows of seats worse than ours....

Well, several things aligned that made us get there early. We sat down (10 of us) almost 45 minutes before show time and a woman with a handful of tickets walked up to us immediately. "Would you folks like to move up closer to the stage?" Sure, I guess. What's the catch? "No catch, just do us a favor and don't get up after the show starts". COOL! Can do....

This is the new ticket we got:

Section B, ROW 1. That's right. First row. Front row. No one in front of you...

Here's a shot as soon as we got there:

Here's Dane when he came out:

He was hilarious:

My iphone takes angelic pictures too....

So don't forget... I am lucky. I'm good, but lucky too......

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Check it out!

If you play on Fulltiltpoker (bonus code jamy600), you can get free membership to cardrunners and/or stoxpoker. Check it out yourself....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dane Cook

I'm going to see Dane Cook Friday night. Anyone else see him yet? I have seen him on HBO and DVD but never live. Looks to be a lot of fun. I especially liked his tourgasm show he had on HBO. I thought it was very unique and still very funny without tons of standup.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When is the last time you saw this?

I want one of these sooooooooo bad. Well, not so bad. But I would love to play one again. I'm thinking about building one of those 60 in 1 cabinets with pac man, donkey kong, zaxxon, and everything else. But it wouldn't have stargate defender....

Stargate Defender was definitely my favorite. What was yours?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The HAWK rebuy

We tried a rebuy tournament but I think it scared some players away. We only had 12 players -our smallest group ever. To get things started, I shoved the first 5 hands straight (losing every single one). Eventually some of my "loose" shoves paid off and I calmed down a bit. I missed the first 4 knockouts but here are the rest:

FFOG goes out on a pocket pair.

Ifoldallthe time can't spike an ace and goes out next.

andybel142 is on a roll and takes out Tyronelove.

Thecloserx5 gets knocked out next against two others with Ace high preflop shoves.

I lose a big chunk of my stack on this sick sick river card. I shoved after the flop and thought I had him dominated.

I was out next hand with an Ace high shove.

Andybel142 is the next one out and the first to cash. Congratulations on third place and $13 (I think barely covering his rebuys- lol)

And mandalgan takes down his first HAWK tournament with a mighty hand Q5. Congratulations to Gwoo10 for 2nd place and $19.50.

Congratulations mandalgan for 1st place and $32.50 in winnings. Next month we will go back to a knockout, which has been reported as the most popular type of tournament so far. Hope to see you there.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Amazing Story

If you have little kids, this will touch your heart. I couldn't imagine my 3 year old in the woods for 2 nights alone:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Still waiting to get to the all-frog final table....

Final table has 6 of 9 as frogs (buddy is a confused frog)



Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Lets get everyone to be a FROG. Can you imagine the entire tournament full of Astin's, Bayne's, Mike Maloney's, and Stings??????

MOOKIE FROG DAY. . . . . PASS IT ON...................


What went wrong here?

Blinds are 80/160. I'm in small blind with about 4000 in chips. Button is qrs1 with about 6000 in chips.

qrs1 open calls for 160. I rasie to 800 with QsQd. Big blind folds. qrs1 calls. Flop comes 458 with 2 clubs. I shove.

Is there any read you make here that you get away from this hand? I don't put him on AA or KK or else why not re-raise me preflop all in? AK makes perfect sense and I don't mind getting it in as about a 70% favorite.

qrs1 shows 67 (sooted, of course) for the flopped straight and I don't improve. Am I missing something? I guess I should have shoved preflop and picked up the bets?

There is a chance an Ace or King falls on the flop and then I fold. That's the only reason I didn't shove preflop. But 67? I guess I should be thankful and make a note for next time.

Anyway, congrats to qrs1 for winning. I guess I'll get another shot at him/her in the TOC...

Monday, May 4, 2009