Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Fundraising through poker tournaments is really starting to catch on. I mean, you can do small tournaments (20-40 people) and raise a couple of thousand dollars or you can do large tournaments (100-300 people) and really raise some serious cash.

The key is getting people to show up. I have run fundraiser tournaments for charities and for sports teams. And in both situations, the key is getting people to show up the day of the tournament. Most people do not want to commit until that day -"the weather may be nice", "something better may come up", or "we will be there, but we will just pay at the door". All these excuses can be hard to overcome.

But if you really work at it and you do it smart, you will be able to get 50-100 people there and be worry free about weather or not you will have a successful fundraiser. I'll be writing more soon. Hope all is well.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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